Abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author. After the deadline, the SOC will construct the scientific programme on the basis of these submitted abstracts.

Contributed talks

1- What has been observed?
Authors: A. Baglin
2- Evolution of the spots on CoRoT-2
Authors: D. Yuri Simplicio Neto and Adriana Valio
3- Validating the smallest CoRoT candidates with PASTIS: radial-velocity constraints
Authors: A. Santerne, R. F. Diaz, J.-M. Almenara, C. Moutou, F. Bouchy, P. Figueira, N.C. Santos
4- The aging of the instrument : II. Global efficiency
Authors: Alexis Deru-Denise, M. Auvergne, S.Chaintreuil
5- Periodic patterns: a
Authors: A. García Hernández, A. Moya, J. C. Suárez, E. Poretti, E. Michel, S. Martín-Ruíz, P. J. Amado, R. Garrido, E. Rodríguez, M. Rainer, K. Uytterhoeven, C. Rodrigo, E. Solano, J. R. Rodón
6- The Planetary System of CoRoT-7
Authors: Artie Hatzes and the CoRoT 7b Team
7- New insight on the large separation: observational approach to the asymptotic value
Authors: Mosser, B.; Michel, E.; Belkacem, K.; Goupil, M. J.; Baglin, A.; Barban, C.; Provost, J.; Samadi, R.; Auvergne, M.; Catala, C.
8- A new detection method for planetary transit signals.
Authors: Benjamin SAMUEL, Daniel ROUAN
9- Upgrades and revision of Exo-dat
Authors: C. Damiani, P-Y. Chabaud, F. Agneray, J-C. Meunier, C. Moutou and M. Deleuil
10- CoRoT pulsating binaries
Authors: C. Maceroni, R. da Silva, D. Gandolfi, J. Montalban
11- Prospects for follow-up observations of CoRoT planets and candidates
Authors: C. Moutou, M. Deleuil, F. Bouchy et al
12- An overview of semi-sinusoidal stellar variability with the CoRoT satellite
Authors: C. E. Ferreira Lopes, I. C. Leão, J. R. De Medeiros, M. Catelan
13- Transiting planets of intermediate-mass stars
Authors: Sebastian, D., Endl, M. Gandolfi, D., Geier, S., Grziwa, S., Guenther, E.W., Heber, U.
14- CoRoT-32b: a bloated planet transiting a rapidly rotating gamma Dor star
Authors: D. Gandolfi & The CoRoT Exoplanet Science Team
15- Intermediate mass stars with CoRoT - Introduction
Authors: E. Michel
16- The legacy of CoRoT ground-based observations in the seismo field
Authors: E. Poretti, M. Rainer and the CoRoT SGBWG team
17- Photometric and spectroscopic variability of the Be star HD 171219
Authors: Eduardo Janot-Pacheco, Laerte Andrade, Marcelo Emilio and the Be CoRoT Team
18- False-positives in transit-search programs
Authors: Guenther, E.W., Alonso, R., Carpano, S., Deeg, H. J., Deleuil, M., Dreizler, St., Endl. M., Fridlund, M., Gandolfi, D., Gillon, M., Guillot, T., Jehin, E., L\'eger, A., Moutou, C., Nortmann, L., Rouan, D., Samuel, B., Schneider, J., Tingley , B.
19- Surveys of the CoRoT fields
Authors: Eike W. Guenther
20- CoRoT and the Virtual Observatory
Authors: E. Solano, A. Velasco
21- Simultaneous CoRoT and Chandra observations of PMS stars in NGC2264
Authors: E. Flaccomio, G. Micela, and the CSI collaboration
22- Seismic analysis of HD43587Aa, a solar-like oscillator in a quadruple system
Authors: P. Boumier, O. Benomar, F. Baudin, G. Verner,T. Appourchaux, W. Chaplin, P. Gaulme, R. Garcia, S. Hekker, C. Regulo, D. Salabert, T. Stahn, Y. Elsworth, L. Gizon, , M. Hall, Y. Lebreton, S. Mathur, E. Michel, T. Morel, B. Mosser, E. Poretti, M. Rainer, R. Samadi, I Roxburg, M. Auvergne, A. Baglin, C. Catala
23- Stellar activity and rotation as seen with CoRoT data
Authors: F. Baudin
24- The CDS archive
Authors: F. Ochsenbein, F. Genova
25- Synthesis and lessons of radial velocity follow-up of CoRoT candidates
Authors: F. Bouchy, C.Moutou, R. Diaz, G. Montagnier, A. Santerne, G. Hebrard, M. Deleuil, J. Almenara, et al.
26- The CoRoT colours: a promising data-mining
Authors: F. Borsa, E. Poretti
27- Search for pulsations in HgMn stars with CoRoT
Authors: G. Alecian
28- Search for satellites and rings around the temperate exoplanet CoRoT−9b
Authors: Hébrard, Lecavelier des Étangs, et al.
29- Planet Formation - What CoRoT tells us.
Authors: Günther Wuchterl
30- VARLET and PHALET two wavelet based filter methods to separate stellar variation, orbital disturbances and instrumental effects from transit events in CoRoT light curves.
Authors: Grziwa, Sascha; Korth, Judith; Pätzold, Martin
31- Revisiting the Mass-Radius relation of low mass stars using SOPHIE and the CoRoT planet search survey
Authors: G. Montagnier, J.-M. Almenara, R. Dìaz, G. Bruno, F. Bouchy, M. Deleuil, G. Hébrard, C. Moutou, A. Santerne, A. Triaud et al
32- Photometric follow-up and the Corot legacy
Authors: H. Deeg, R. Alonso, S. Hoyer, H. Parviainen
33- The PLATO Mission
Authors: H. Rauer, M. Fridlund, and the PLATO Team
34- Asteroseismic model fitting - surface layer corrections and separation ratios
Authors: Ian W Roxburgh
35- The use of detrending tools in the study of giant stars in the CoRoT EXO channel
Authors: J. Cabrera
36- Overview of the most recent planetary discoveries of CoRoT
Authors: Cabrera on behalf of the CoRoT Exoplanet Science Team
37- The CoRoT variability classifier: current status and planned improvements
Authors: J. Debosscher, L. M. Sarro et al.
38- Transit Time Variation in CoRoT planetary systems
Authors: J. Korth, S. Grziwa, M. Pätzold
39- Puzzling features of data from asteroseismology space missions
Authors: Javier Pascual Granado; Rafael Garrido Haba
40- Stellar Activity in the Open Cluster IC4756
Authors: J.Weingrill, K.Strassmeier, T.Granzer
41- Validating the smallest CoRoT candidates with PASTIS: some examples
Authors: Jose Manuel Almenara, Rodrigo Diaz, Claire Moutou and Alexandre Santerne
42- Rotational periods for subgiant stars observed by CoRoT
Authors: J.D. do Nascimento Jr., J. S. da Costa and M. Castro
43- Red Giants in the sismo and exo fields
Authors: CoRoT RG team
44- On the relation between observed and predicted global seismic quantities in red-giant stars
Authors: K. Belkacem, M.J. Goupil, R. Samadi, B. Mosser
45- Highlights of the NGC 2264 observations
Authors: K. Zwintz, S. Aigrain, S. Alencar, G. Micela, J. Stauffer and the CSI2264 team
46- Recent results from NGC 2264 asteroseismology
Authors: K. Zwintz, L. Fossati, D. Guenther, T.G. Barnes
47- SONG-OT: the prototype SONG node at Tenerife
Authors: K. Uytterhoeven, P. Pall'e, F. Grundahl, S. Frandsen, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, A. Trivi~no Hage, and the SONG team
48- CoRoT 101186644: A transiting low-mass dense M-dwarf on an eccentric 20.7-day period orbit around a late F-star
Authors: L. Tal-Or, T. Mazeh, R. Alonso, F. Bouchy, J. Cabrera, H. J. Deeg, M. Deleuil, S. Faigler, M. Fridlund, G. Hebrard, C. Moutou, A. Santerne, and B. Tingley
49- Hot stars in the whole CoRoT mission
Authors: M. Briquet
50- From CoRoT light curves to candidates and planets
Authors: M. Deleuil and the CoRoT/exoplanet team
51- Ages & compositions of the CoRoT giant planets: a synthesis
Authors: M. Havel, T. Guillot
52- The CoRoT Data : the pipelines and their evolution philosophy
Authors: M. Ollivier
53- Potential of regular spacings for mode identification: case of a CoRoT Delta Scuti star
Authors: M. Paparo, Zs. Bognar, J.M. Benko, D. Gandolfi, A.Moya, J.C. Suarez, E. Poretti, M. Auvergne, A. Baglin, W.W. Weiss and E.W. Gunther
54- BART, a bayesian approach to rank transits
Authors: O. Demangeon
55- The CoRoT mission
Authors: O. Vandermarcq
56- The CNES archive
Authors: O. Vandermarcq
57- The chase for false positives and contamination corrections
Authors: Pascal Bordé
58- The CHEOPS mission
Authors: CHEOPS Team
59- Main sequence and subgiants: introduction
Authors: R. García
60- Studying Stellar magnetic activity with asteroseismic measurements.
Authors: R.A. Garcia, S. Mathur, J. Ballot, C. Regulo, D. Salabert, T. Ceillier and T. Metcalfe, A. Morgenthaler and P. Petit
61- SSI, Stellar Seismic Indices data base
Authors: Raphaël Peralta et Reza Samadi
62- Planets and Stellar Activity: Hide and Seek in the CoRoT-7 system
Authors: R.D. Haywood, A.C. Cameron, D. Queloz, S.C.C. Barros, M. Deleuil, R. Fares, M. Gillon, A. Hatzes, A.F. Lanza, C. Lovis, C. Moutou, F. Pepe, D. Pollacco, A. Santerne, D. Ségransan and Y. Unruh
63- Validating the smallest CoRoT candidates with PASTIS: the method
Authors: José Manuel Almenara, Claire Moutou, Alexandre Santerne
64- CoRoT 105906206: a \delta Scuti candidate in an eclipsing binary
Authors: Ronaldo da Silva and Carla Maceroni
65- A search for disintegrating planets in the CoRoT lightcurves
Authors: Hoyer, S., Alonso, R.
66- The aging of the instrument : I. Backgounds
Authors: S.Chaintreuil, A.Ferrigno, M.Auvergne, M.Ollivier
67- Re-observation of CoRoT-7b with CoRoT
Authors: Susana Barros and the CoRoT team
68- The effect of stellar activity and limb-darkening on the precision of planet radii
Authors: Csizmadia Sz., Pasternacki, Th., Dreyer, C., Cabrera, J., Erikson, A., Rauer, H.
69- Filtering the exoplanet channel for asteroseismology uses
Authors: Tugdual Ceillier, Rafael A. García
70- New PMS pulsating candidates in the CoRoT fields
Authors: V. Ripepi et al.


1- Authors: Ceillier T., Eggenberger P., García R.A., Mathis S.
2- Authors: Claudia LAGE, Luander BERNARDES, Eduardo JANOT-PACHECO
3- Authors: Klagyivik, P., Csizmadia Sz., Fruth, T., Kabath, P., Cabrera, J., Chini, R., Eigmüller, P., Erikson, A., Kirste, S., Lemke, R., Murphy, M., Pasternacki, T., Rauer, H., Titz-Weider, R.
4- Authors: Francisco Espinosa Lara and Michel Rieutord
5- Authors: T. Morel, M. Briquet, M. Auvergne, S. Ghazaryan, G. Alecian, E. Niemczura, L. Fossati, S. Hubrig, H. Lehmann, C. Ulusoy, M. Rainer, E. Poretti, H. Van Winckel, K. De Smedt, P. Papics, V. Schmid, J. F. da Silva Gameiro, C. Waelkens, M. Fagas, K. Kaminski, W. Dimitrov, A. Baglin, L. Dumortier, Y. Fremat, H. Hensberge, A. Jorissen, S. Van Eck, A. Baglin
6- Authors: Ian W Roxburgh
7- Authors: ian W Roxburgh
8- Authors: T. Fruth, J. Cabrera, R. Chini, Sz. Csizmadia, C. Dreyer, Ph. Eigmüller, A. Erikson, P. Kabath, S. Kirste, P. Klagyivik, R. Lemke, M. Murphy, T. Pasternacki, H. Rauer, and R. Titz-Weider
9- Authors: R. Titz-Weider, J. Cabrera, R. Chini, Sz. Csizmadia, C. Dreyer, Ph. Eigmüller, A. Erikson, Th. Fruth, P. Kabath, S. Kirste, P. Klagyivik, R. Lemke, M. Murphy, Th. Pasternacki, H. Rauer
10- Authors: Jonathan Devor
11- Authors: J.S. da Costa, M. Castro, J.-D. do Nascimento Jr, G.F. Porto de Mello, M. Emilio, J. Melendéz, E. Janot-Pacheco et al.
12- Authors: Luis Ricardo Tusnski and Adriana Válio
13- Authors: M. Oshagh and N. C. Santos and I. Boisse and X. Dumusque and M. Montalto and N. Haghighipour and G. Boue
14- Authors: Marcos Tadeu dos Santos, Sylvio Ferraz-Mello, Tatiana A. Michtchenko
15- Authors: M. Ammler-von Eiff, D. Sebastian, E.W. Guenther, A. Drabent, D. Gandolfi
16- Authors: Matthias Ammler-von Eiff
17- Authors: Pascal Bordé, Rodrigo Diaz, Davide Gandolfi, Malcolm Fridlund, and the CEST
18- Authors: C. Cáceres, P. Kabath,, S. Hoyer, V. D. Ivanov, P. Rojo, J. H. Girard, E. Miller-Ricci Kempton, J. J. Fortney, and D. Minniti
19- Authors: Sz. Csizmadia, P. Klagyivik
20- Authors: Markus Hareter & Werner W. Weiss
21- Authors: Alexander Kaiser, Markus Hareter, Werner W. Weiss
22- Authors: Alexander Kaiser, Werner W. Weiss