Hotel Information

There are two hotels in La Laguna, at walking distance to the meeting venue, and several hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, from where there is a good connection via tramway (30 mins). We have blocked a number of rooms in the three hotels below with a preferential rate. We recommend to contact your preferred hotel well in advance in order to access to these rates. In your reservation, please indicate the code "CONFERENCE 11th CoRoT Week".

Note 27feb 2013: We are aware that the two hotels in La Laguna  (Nivaria and Aguere) are already fully booked! So we recommend the Hotel Principe Paz; it continues to offer special prices to participants of CW11. Else, see 'other hotels' below. 

Hotel Principe Paz

3*, in Santa Cruz, 150m N of tramway stop 'Teatro Guimerá'. 30min with tramway (get out at the 2nd-last station "Padre Anchieta").

Calle Valentín Sanz, 33-35, 38002, Santa Cruz de Tenerife · Tenerife
Tel +34 922 249 955, Fax +34 922 281 065 (att. Vanessa Trujillo)

Double room + breakfast (single use): 50.00€/night tax included

Double room + breakfast (double use): 58.00€/night tax included



Hotel Laguna Nivaria   (fully booked)

4* appartement hotel, recently reformed. Walking distance to venue. Deadline for guaranteed access to the blocked booking is 8th of February.

Plaza del Adelantado 11, 38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna · Tenerife
Tel +34 922 264 298, Fax +34 922 259 634 (att. Lorena Rodríguez)

Single room + breakfast : 65€/night tax included

Double room + breakfast : 79€/night tax included

Hotel Aguere  (fully booked)

Officially only 1*, but in very nice historic building. Walking distance to venue.

Calle La Carrera, 55, San Cristóbal de La Laguna · Tenerife
Tel +34 922 259 490, +34 922 251 967, Fax +34 922 631 633

Single room + breakfast : 53.67€/night 

Double room + breakfast : 66.11€/night

Triple room + breakfast : 87.51€/night

Location map of La Laguna

with Hotel Aguere and Hotel Nivaria. The meeting venue in this map has been superseded; see 'Venue'!

GoogleEarth .kmz file of the places in above map plus the IAC headquarters

Other Hotels

There are several more hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and very many on the entire island. If you want to stay near the ocean, we recommend to search (with, or similar) for one in Puerto de la Cruz (about 30kms, many hotels), Bajamar (13kms) or Punta de Hidalgo (15km). Bajamar and Punta de Hidalgo are suburbs of San Christobal de La Laguna. Buses from all these places go every 1/2hr to La Laguna, though a rental car is to be considered. Attention if searching for Hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: There is some confusion between the city and the province with the same name. Occasionally a hotel will be listed to be in the city but really it is somewhere else in Tenerife - and up to 100km away -  or even on another island (La Palma, Gomera, El Hierro) of the same province! So, please make sure that it is in the city. If in doubt, contact the LOC.