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An overview of semi-sinusoidal stellar variability with the CoRoT satellite
C. E. Ferreira Lopes, I. C. Leão, J. R. De Medeiros, M. Catelan


To date, the CoRoT space mission has produced more than 125,000 light curves. Classification of these curves in terms of unambiguous variability behavior is mandatory to obtain an unbiased statistical view on their controlling root-causes. The present study provides an overview of well defined semi-sinusoidal light curves observed by the CoRoT exo-field CCDs. We selected a sample of 4,206 LCs presenting semi-sinusoidal signatures. The variability periods were computed based on Lomb-Scargle periodograms, harmonic fits, and visual inspection. Color-period diagrams for the present sample show a behavior compatible with that expected for variabilities associated with rotational modulation. We identified a sub-set of four solar analogs in the context of rotation period. Furthermore, the variability period versus color diagram behavior was found to be highly dependent on the reddening correction.