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A new detection method for planetary transit signals.
Benjamin SAMUEL, Daniel ROUAN


The research of low radius planetary candidates and low SNR candidates in general is challenging because of the stellar variability, the orbital systematics, but also the instrumental noise that increase with the age of the satellite.
Most of the detection algorithms used to analyze the CoRoT exoplanets data are based on the “box least square” (BLS) methods or technics in the same spirit.

We present a new detection method based on the research of periodic signals in the data, without apriori on the shape of the signal. This approach present a double benefit:
(1) the research and the elimination of periodic variations remaining in the N2 data despite the more and more fine tuned N0 to N2 pipelines and (2) of course a new way to detect transit signals.
We will describe the method and the first results we obtained with this algorithm.

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