Scientific Program

The full program in pdf format is available here.

Monday March 18th

46th SC at IAC headquarters (only SC members), here.

Tuesday March 19th

8h30 - 9h00   Registration at the workshop venue

9h00 - 9h15   Welcome address

Global view on CoRoT results

9h15 - 9h40   The CoRoT mission (O. Vandermarcq)

9h40 - 10h00  What has been observed? (A. Baglin)

The CoRoT Data (Chair: F. Baudin)

10h00 - 10h25 General framework (M. Ollivier)

10h25 - 10h45 Background corrections (S. Chaintreuil)

10h45 - 11h00 Ageing (A. Deru)

11h00 - 11h45 Coffee break

11h45 - 12h10 The chase for false positives and contamination corrections (P. Bordé)

12h10 - 12h25 Filtering the exoplanet channel for asteroseismology uses (T. Ceillier)

12h25 - 12h40 The use of detrending tools in the study of giant stars in the CoRoT Exo channel (J. Cabrera)

12h40 - 12h55 Puzzling features of data from asteroseismology space missions (J. Pascual Granado)

12h55 - 13h10 SONG-OT the prototype SONG node at Tenerife (K. Uytterhoeven)

13h10 - 15h15 Lunch

Data analysis (Chair: M. Deleuil + M. Ollivier)

15h15 - 15h35 VARLET and PHALET (S. Grziwa)

15h35 - 15h55 A new detection method for planetary transit signals (B. Samuel)

15h55 - 16h15 BART, a bayesian approach to rank transits (O. Demangeon)

16h15 - 16h35 The CoRoT colours: a promising data-mining (F. Borsa

16h45 - 17h15 Coffee break

17h15 - 17h30 Validating the smallest CoRoT candidates with PASTIS: the method (R. Díaz)

17h30 - 17h45 Validating the smallest CoRoT candidates with PASTIS: radial-velocity constraints (A. Santerne)

17h45 - 18h00 Validating the smallest CoRoT candidates with PASTIS: some examples (J.M. Almenara)


18h00 End of session

Wednesday March 20th: Scientific results

Hot stars (Chair: I. Roxburgh)

9h00 - 9h20   Hot stars in the whole CoRoT mission (M. Briquet)

9h20 - 9h35   Search for pulsations in HgMn stars with CoRoT (G. Alecian)

9h35 - 9h50  Photometric and spectroscopic variability of the Be star HD 171219 (E. Janot-Pacheco)


Intermediate mass stars (Chair: I. Roxburgh)

9h50 - 10h05   Intermediate mass stars with CoRoT - Introduction (E. Michel)

10h05 - 10h20 Periodic patterns: a "new" observable for delta Scuti stars? (A. García Hernández)

10h20 - 10h35 Potential of regular spacings for mode identification: case of a CoRoT delta Scuti star (M. Paparó)


10h35 - 11h20 Coffee break

Planet detections (Chair: J. Cabrera)

11h30 - 11h45 From CoRoT light curves to candidates and planets (M. Deleuil)

11h45 - 12h00 False-positives in transit-search programs (E. Guenther)

12h00 - 12h15 Synthesis and lessons of radial velocity follow-up of CoRoT candidates (G. Montagnier / F. Bouchy)

12h15 - 12h30 Photometric follow-up and the CoRoT legacy (H.J. Deeg)

12h30 - 12h45 Prospects for follow-up observations of CoRoT planets and candidates (C. Moutou)

12h45 - 13h00 A search for disintegrating planets in the CoRoT light curves (S. Hoyer / R. Alonso)

13h00 - 14h30 Lunch
14h30 Excursion to Teide Observatory and Cañadas del Teide National Park

Thursday March 21st: Scientific results

Young stars and clusters (Chair: E. Poretti)

9h00 - 9h25   Highlights of the NGC2264 observations, and asteroseismic results (K. Zwintz)

9h25 - 9h45   Simultaneous CoRoT and Chandra observations of PMS stars in NGC2264 (E. Flaccomio)

9h45 - 10h05  New PMS pulsating candidates in the CoRoT fields (V. Ripepi)


Activity and Rotation (Chair: E. Poretti)

10h05 - 10h30 Stellar activity and rotation as seen with CoRoT data (F. Baudin)

10h30 - 10h45 Rotational periods for subgiant stars observed by CoRoT (J.D. do Nascimento Jr.)

10h45 - 11h00 Stellar activity in the open cluster IC4756 (J. Weingrill)

11h00 - 11h45 Coffee break

11h45 - 12h00 Evolution of the spots on CoRoT-2 (A. Valio)

12h00 - 12h15 The effect of stellar activity and limb-darkening on the precision of planet radii (Sz. Csizmadia)


Binaries (Chair: E. Poretti)

12h15 - 12h40 CoRoT pulsating binaries (C. Maceroni)

12h40 - 12h55 CoRoT 105906206: A delta Scuti candidate in an eclipsing binary (R. da Silva)

12h55 - 13h10 CoRoT 101186644: A transiting low-mass dense M-dwarf on an eccentric 20.7-day period orbit around a late F-star (L. Tal-Or)

13h10 - 13h25 Revisiting the Mass-Radius relation of low mass stars using SOPHIE and the CoRoT planet search survey (G. Montagnier)


13h25 - 15h15 Lunch

Planets: Recent discoveries (Chair: D. Rouan / R. Alonso)

15h15 - 15h40 Overview of the most recent planetary discoveries of CoRoT (J. Cabrera)

15h40 - 15h55 CoRoT-32b: a bloated planet transiting a rapidly rotating gamma Dor star (D. Gandolfi)

15h55 - 16h10 Transiting planets of intermediate-mass stars (D. Sebastian)

16h10 - 16h25 Transit Time Variation in CoRoT planetary systems (J. Korth)

16h25 - 16h40 Search for satellites and rings around the temperate exoplanet CoRoT-9b (G. Hébrard)


16h40 - 17h10 Coffee break

17h10 - 17h25 Re-observation of CoRoT-7b with CoRoT (S. Barros)

17h25 - 17h40 Planets and Stellar Activity: Hide and Seek in the CoRoT-7 system (R.D. Haywood)

17h40 - 17h55 The Planetery System of CoRoT-7 (A. Hatzes)

Modeling (Chair: D. Rouan / R. Alonso)

17h55 - 18h10 Planet Formation - What CoRoT tells us (G. Wuchterl)

18h10 - 18h25 Ages & compositions of the CoRoT giant planets: a synthesis (M. Havel)

18h25 End of sessions
19h20 Bus leaves from Workshop venue, via Hotel Nivaria (19h40) to dinner in Puerto Cruz. Return from dinner at 23h30 with stops at H. Nivaria and H. Principe Paz.

Friday March 22nd : Scientific results, future and legacy

Solar like pulsators from main sequence to red giants (Chair: E. Michel)

9h00 - 9h20   Main sequence and subgiants: introduction (R. García)

9h20 - 9h40   Red Giants in the sismo and exo fields (J. Montalbán)

9h40 - 9h55   New insight on the large separation: observational approach to the asymptotic value (B. Mosser / K. Belkacem)

9h55 - 10h10  Seismic analysis of HD43587Aa, a solar-like oscillator in a quadruple system (P. Boumier / F. Baudin)

10h10 - 10h25 Asteroseismic model fitting - surface layer corrections and separation ratios (I. Roxburgh)

10h25 - 10h40 Studying Stellar magnetic activity with asteroseismic measurements (R. García)

10h40 - 10h55 On the relation between observed and predicted global seismic quantities in red-giant stars (K. Belkacem)


11h00 - 11h30 Coffee break

Future and legacy

Data bases and archiving (Chair: M. Fridlund)

11h30 - 11h50 Upgrades and revision of Exo-dat (C. Damiani)

11h50 - 12h10 The CoRoT variability classifier: current status and planned improvements (J. Debosscher)

12h10 - 12h25 Surveys of CoRoT Fields (E. Guenther)

12h25 - 12h40 SSI, the Stellar Seismic Indices data base (R. Peralta / R. Samadi)

12h40 - 13h00 The CNES archive (O. Vandermarcq)

13h00 - 13h15 The CoRoT Archive and the Virtual Observatory (E. Solano)

13h15 - 13h30 The CDS archive (F. Baudin)


13h30 - 15h15 Lunch

Future projects directly inheriting from CoRoT (Chair: M. Fridlund)

15h15 - 15h30 The CHEOPS Mission (R. Alonso)

15h30 - 15h45  The PLATO Mission (H. Rauer)

15h45 - 16h00 The legacy of CoRoT ground-based observations in the seismo field (E. Poretti)


16h00 Conclusions and general discussion

17h00 End of the meeting
18h30 Guided tour of La Laguna historical center, including wine and tapa.