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Spectral typing of CoRoT targets with the low-resolution Nasmyth spectrograph at the Tautenburg 2m telescope
M. Ammler-von Eiff, D. Sebastian, E.W. Guenther, A. Drabent, D. Gandolfi


We present results obtained with the low-resolution spectrograph (R≈1,000) at the Nasmyth focus of the 2m telescope in Tautenburg (Germany).
Low-resolution spectroscopy plays an important role in the follow-up of transiting planet candidates. These are detected in CoRoT light curves but ground-based radial-velocity measurements are required in order to find the mass of a candidate. These measurements are costly so that only the most promising candidates can be considered. Yet, the light curve alone does not tell us whether it is produced by a planet around a Sun-like star or a low-mass star in orbit around a giant star. Therefore, some knowledge on the parent star is needed beforehand. A first idea of the spectral type of the host star is available from photometry but this information needs to be refined by ground-based low-resolution spectroscopy.
The Nasmyth spectrograph is efficiently used on a regular basis for CoRoT follow-up. Several tens of CoRoT candidates have already been classified. Additional CoRoT targets were observed to study young stars and flare activity in CoRoT fields.

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