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The effect of stellar activity and limb-darkening on the precision of planet radii
Csizmadia Sz., Pasternacki, Th., Dreyer, C., Cabrera, J., Erikson, A., Rauer, H.


Transiting exoplanets are key objects to measure the radii of exoplanets. The radius will give the most valuable extra information to our knowledge on exoplanets from transits, because it allows us to study the internal structure, atmosphere, surface inhomogeneties etc. of the planet. However, this requires high precision (1-2% for internal structure studies) or extremely high accuracy (0.1% for atmospheric studies). The planet parameter determination is affected by several factors, like our knowledge on limb darkening, stellar activity, and the interaction between stellar activity and limb darkening. The stellar activity also has impact on the stellar radius measurements and introduces systematic errors. We present ideas how to increase the
accuracy in the transit parameter determination. The impact of these effects will be illustrated by a homogeneous studies of the white and coloured light
curves of CoRoT-planets' transit light curves.

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