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Getting to Tenerife (flight information)

There are two airports on the island of Tenerife, one on the north side (Tenerife Norte, TFN, also known as "Aeropuerto de Los Rodeos") and the other one on the south of the island (Tenerife Sur, TFS, also known as "Aeropuerto Reina Sofia"). Both airports are at about 2.5 hours flying time from Madrid, and about 3 hours from Barcelona.  To search simultaneously for both airports use the code TCI.

Most international flights and some domestic flights go to the TFS airport, while most domestic flights go to the TFN airport. Most people travelling on scheduled flights will have to fly via Madrid or Barcelona and then onto the northern airport. Online information about flights arriving at or departing from the spanish airports is obtained at Aena website.

La Laguna is only 3 km from TFN, and 65 km from TFS, with a motorway (TF1 and TF5) covering the full journey in both cases.

Local Transport: To your Hotel in La Laguna

From Tenerife South Airport (TFS)

  • You can either catch a taxi (about 80 €); or
  • Bus line 111 in direction Santa Cruz; it passes the airport every 30mins. Stay until the final stop in the Santa Cruz Bus Station, duration ~40mins. Go to the Tramway-stop outside of the terminal (in direction to the ocean) and take the tram (‘Metro Tenerife’) until the end of the line in La Laguna (Avda Trinidad, about 40mins). From there 300-500m walk to Hotel Nivaria or Hotel Aguerre. 
  • You can rent a car for a day and return it the next day at TFN airport; cost ~40 €. Go to rental car booths in the arrival hall of TFS airport (see list; best rates likely with Auto-Reisen or Cicar); reservations are not needed but may get better rates.

From Tenerife North Airport (TFN)

  • A taxi will cost less then 10€ and is recommended for anyone not knowing the city.

  • Bus line 102 from TFN to La Laguna Bus Station (or any other green ‘TITSA’ bus going in direction Santa Cruz or La Laguna; if in doubt, ask the driver). At the bus-station, leave, and go to the tramway stop across the road. Buy a ticket at the machine and enter tram in direction ‘Avda. Trinidad’ (uphill), which is its next and final stop. From there 300-500m walk to Hotel Nivaria or Hotel Aguerre. Or walk directly from the bus-station, then approx. 1km.

To Hotels in Santa Cruz

  • Instructions are similar as for La Laguna; Bus lines are the same as given above, but you need to reach the Bus Station in Santa Cruz. Then, either continue with the tramway (for Hotel Principe Paz: stop at 'Teatro Guimera') or by Taxi. A taxi directly from TFN to Santa Cruz will be 25-30€ and from TFS, 60-70€. To reach the meeting venue from Hotels in Santa Cruz, the tramway is recommended; stay in it until the 2nd-last stop at 'Padre Anchieta'.

Changing money

The most recomendable way to obtain money is by withdrawal from any of the numerous cash-dispensing machines. There is a bank within the arrivals lounge at the TFS Airport which operates daily except Sundays and public holidays. If you are travelling through Madrid or Barcelona, the exchange bureau opens there round the clock. However, NO currency exchange facilities are available in TFN Airport.

Many banks are available in La Laguna, and open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00. VISA or Mastercard are widely accepted in Spain, in restaurants, hotels, stores, etc.