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CoRoT 105906206: a \delta Scuti candidate in an eclipsing binary
Ronaldo da Silva and Carla Maceroni


We present the preliminary results of the study of CoRoT 105906206, an eclipsing binary system with an orbital period of 3.694 days located in the LRc02 field. The analysis of the light curve was complemented by high-resolution spectra collected using the Sandiford and FEROS spectrographs at the McDonald Observatory and ESO, respectively, from which we obtained the radial velocities of the components. We used an iterative procedure to separate the observed pulsations from the eclipses, and we were able to infer a few parameters of the system, such as spectral type, effective temperature, mass, and radius. The analysis of the Fourier spectrum revealed that the primary component has pulsations in the range 5-13 c/d, which are typical of a \delta Scuti star.

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