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New insight on the large separation: observational approach to the asymptotic value
Mosser, B.; Michel, E.; Belkacem, K.; Goupil, M. J.; Baglin, A.; Barban, C.; Provost, J.; Samadi, R.; Auvergne, M.; Catala, C.


The asymptotic expansion is a common tool of asteroseismology but is strictly valid in the high frequency domain only.
However, as we show using a reanalysis of solar-like oscillation observations with the CoRoT and Kepler data, this regime is never attained.
To cope with this issue, we propose a development that enables us translate the observed large separation into its asymptotic counterpart.
It allow us to have more insight into the departure from the asymptotic developments that still remains only partially understood.
Finally, we propose an unbiased calibration of the scaling relations that provide us with a reliable estimates of the stellar mass and radius.

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