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Results from the ground-based follow-up program of CoRoT planets with BEST
R. Titz-Weider, J. Cabrera, R. Chini, Sz. Csizmadia, C. Dreyer, Ph. Eigmüller, A. Erikson, Th. Fruth, P. Kabath, S. Kirste, P. Klagyivik, R. Lemke, M. Murphy, Th. Pasternacki, H. Rauer


The “Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope II” (BEST II) operates as ground based support to the CoRoT space mission. Our observations are used to validate the nature of CoRoT planetary candidates by ruling out false positive scenarios and by providing further constraints in the planetary parameters and ephemeris. Here we present two representative results of our program concerning the follow-up of the planets CoRoT-24, the first multiple system detected by CoRoT, and CoRoT-32, an intriguing planet in a 20d orbit around a hot star.

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