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Surveys of the CoRoT fields
Eike W. Guenther


The CoRoT satellite has obtained photometric light curves with an accuracy of better than $10^{-4}$ obtained for more than 152929 stars. Although the primary goal of this part of the mission was to detect extrasolar planets, and in fact more than 30 have been found, the CoRoT-database allows to carry out a large variety of different research project. Compared to ground-based survey the CoRoT-data not only has the advantage that the photometric precision is much high but also that the light curves basically do not have gaps, and roughly half of them are even obtained in the chromatic mode. In order to exploit this unique data-base it is necessary to obtain detailed information on the properties of these stars. As an introduction to this session, I will give a brief overview of the surveys that have been abstained so far.

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