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Photometric follow-up and the Corot legacy
H. Deeg, R. Alonso, S. Hoyer, H. Parviainen


The photometric follow-up program of Corot exoplanet candidates will be revised briefly. The future continuation of this program is discussed, with a focus on assuring that future observations of CoRoT-planets and important candidates will be possible. For many of these objects, their follow-up will become very difficult over time frames of more than a few years, due to accumulating ephemeris errors. We therefore propose a systematic re-observation of these objects towards the derivation of significantly more precise ephemeris. At the same time, characterizations of these objects may also be improved; e.g. with observations in several colors, spectrophotometry and/or higher temporal resolution.
The methods developed for its photometric follow-up may also be useful for future space missions, potential applications are outlined.
Some other projects for the continued exploitation of CoRoT are also being considered; e.g. a systematic search for planets in binary systems and a search for triple systems, similar to one proposed recently for Kepler. Other topics may also be mentioned, to a good extent depending on presentations and discussions during CW11.

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