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KIC 7341231: a laboratory for understanding angular momentum transport during the subgiant phase
Ceillier T., Eggenberger P., García R.A., Mathis S.


Thanks to recent asteroseismic observations, it has been possible to infer the radial differential rotation profile of subgiants and red giants. In this work, we aim at reproducing through modeling the observed rotation profile of the early red giant KIC 7341231 derived by Deheuvels et al. (2012) and at constraining the physical mechanisms responsible for angular momentum transport in stellar interiors. We show that meridional circulation and shear mixing alone produce a rotation profile too steep compared to the observed one. An additional mechanism is then needed to increase the internal transport of angular momentum. We find that this mechanism - being either internal gravity waves or magnetic fields - has to be efficient not only during the main sequence but also during the much quicker subgiant phase.

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