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Potential of regular spacings for mode identification: case of a CoRoT Delta Scuti star
M. Paparo, Zs. Bognar, J.M. Benko, D. Gandolfi, A.Moya, J.C. Suarez, E. Poretti, M. Auvergne, A. Baglin, W.W. Weiss and E.W. Gunther


The best observed quantities in the Universe are the periodicities of any variation. The unprecedented high precision of space data serve us with a large amount of periodicities for pulsating variable stars. Asteroseismology is the only way to see inside the stars in the optical range, however, the mode identification is still a critical point in the non-asymptotic regime.
Frequency differences and period ratios are the most precisely derived quantities. The extremely regular period spacing of the modes with the highest amplitudes in 102749568 Delta Scuti star allowed us to identify directly the horizontal and radial orders of nine modes and predict the identification of other three modes due to the high regularity. Spectroscopy, multi-colour photometry and modelling confirmed the conclusion of the spacings. The result shows the high potential of the regularities among frequencies in the non-asymptotic regime.

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