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Photometric and spectroscopic variability of the Be star HD 171219
Eduardo Janot-Pacheco, Laerte Andrade, Marcelo Emilio and the Be CoRoT Team


In this work we investigate the variability of the Be star HD 171219 (B5III) observed with the CoRoT satellite in the seismology field during Lrc06 (July o08th to September 24th 2010). Several frequencies were identified with the help of the CLEANEST algorithm. Some of them are apparently linked to the stellar rotation and three are most probably due to non-radial pulsations. Ground-based spectroscopic observations have been obtained with HARPS (R=80000, 92$<$S/N$<$179) and SOPHIE (R=40000, 38$<$S/N$<$276) at ESO close to the CoRoT observations. We used the HeI partially filled lines we were able to estimate the stellar fundamental parameters, mainly the rotational velocity (Vsini= 360 km/s). Additional H-Alpha spectra from the BeSS database, were used to analyze the violet over red (V/R) emission variations to obtain information about the variations of the circumstellar environment.

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