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The use of detrending tools in the study of giant stars in the CoRoT EXO channel
J. Cabrera


Stellar activity and instrumental residuals can severely limit the detectability of planetary transits. The transit detection pipeline of DLR has developed an tool to filter these effects, as a necessary step previous to the application of transit detection algorithms. This tool is routinely optimized to improve the search for planetary transits. However, the detrending algorithm can be adapted as a pre-whitening of the stellar signal. We can use a modified version of the algorithm to remove the instrumental residuals and leave intact the signal from the stellar activity, at least in a certain domain of frequencies. Here we will introduce the algorithm used for planet search in DLR and how it has been adapted to the filtering of instrumental residuals, with the objective of characterizing the solar-like oscillations of giant stars, which is part of the seismology program in the exoplanet channel of CoRoT.

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