Corot satellite
© 2005 CNES/D. Ducros

CoRoT (Convection, Rotation and Transits) is a pioneer space mission for exoplanet detection and stellar studies via asteroseismology. The satellite stopped acquiring data in November 2012 and probabilities for recovery have become low.

The 11th CoRoT Week seeks to bring together the full CoRoT community to present the mission’s results, to interchange ideas about the analysis and interpretation of its data, and to place CoRoT in the context of the rapidly developing fields of exoplanets and asteroseismology. Thereby, we want to prepare the CoRoT community to exploit the legacy of that mission to the best extent possible.


SOC: Roi Alonso, Annie Baglin, Hans Deeg, Magali Deleuil, Eric Michel, Claire Moutou, Marc Ollivier, Werner Weiss, on behalf of the CoRoT Science Council

LOC: Hans Deeg (Chair), Roi Alonso(Co-Chair), Clara Régulo, Hannu Parviainen, Sebastiá Barceló, Katrien Uytterhoeven, Judith de Araoz