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The Planetary System of CoRoT-7
Artie Hatzes and the CoRoT 7b Team


We present an analysis of the radial velocity (RV) data for CoRoT-7. These data consists of over 200 RV measurements taken in 3 epochs with the HARPS and Keck HiRes spectrograph. An analysis of the individual data sets give values of the mass for the transiting rocky planet CoRoT-7b that is consistent to a previous determination made using only the first HARPS data set.
The analysis also confirms the presence of the second planet, CoRoT-7c, and suggests that the third, controversial planet, CoRoT-7d is also present.
Although the CoRoT contemporaneous photometry for CoRoT-7 shows periodic variations with near the same period of CoRoT-7d (9-days), it is shown that these cannot account for the RV amplitude observed for CoRoT-7d. This analysis demonstrates that CoRoT-7b was one of the first densely packed planetary systems, analogous to the large number of these systems found by the Kepler space mission.

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