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Upgrades and revision of Exo-dat
C. Damiani, P-Y. Chabaud, F. Agneray, J-C. Meunier, C. Moutou and M. Deleuil


Exo-dat is both a database and an information system created primarily in support of the exoplanet program of the CoRoT mission. As the mission was being extended for two more years and the re-observation of several runs foretold, we conducted a large revision of our catalogs, database and information system. The user interface has also been upgraded and is in operation at the time of the meeting. The termination of the mission calls for final functionalities and up-dated contents, such as the definitive results of the follow-up programs. We will introduce this new interface and functionalities, as well as give a detailed description of the contents of the database.

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