Cygnus region

Scientific Programme

The meeting is organised in six sessions.

  1. Current observational status - CMB polarization experiments.
  2. Galactic modelling I: thermal dust.
  3. Galactic modelling II: synchrotron and anomalous microwave emission.
  4. Extragalactic modelling.
  5. Component separation methods.
  6. Sky models and forecast for future missions.

The final programme can be found here (pdf).


Monday, OCTOBER 15th, 2018.

9:30-11:00 Session I. Current & planned CMB polarization experiments

  • Galli. Planck [PDF]
  • Marriage. CLASS [PDF] [Video]
  • Poletti. PolarBear/Simons Array [PDF]
  • Hill. Simons Observatory [PDF]

11:30-13:30 Session I (cont’)

  • Calabrese. ACTPol [PDF]
  • Borrill. CMB-S4 [PPTX]
  • Pryke. BICEP2 [PDF]
  • Taylor. C-BASS [PDF]
  • Rubiño-Martín. QUIJOTE [PDF]
  • Carretti (presented by Baccigalupi). S-PASS [PDF]


15:00-16:30 Session I (cont’)

  • Mennella. LSPE [PDF]
  • Tajima. Groundbird [PDF]
  • Hamilton. QUBIC [PDF]
  • Ganga. E-CMB [PDF]

17:00-18:00 Session I (cont’)

  • Kaplan. Greenpol [PPTX]
  • Hill-Valler. NextBASS [PPTX]
  • Harrington. VPMs CLASS [PDF]



Tuesday, OCTOBER 16th, 2018.

9:00-11:00 Session I (cont’). Planned CMB polarization space missions.

  • Hazumi. Litebird [PDF]
  • Hanany. PICO [PDF]
  • Delabrouille. CORE/CMB-Bharat [PDF]
  • Chluba. CMB spectroscopy [PDF]

Session II. Dust.

  • Puget (presented by Aumont). Dust polarised foregrounds from PLANCK [PDF]

11:30-13:30 Session II. Dust (cont’).

  • Boulanger. Dust physics from Planck [PDF]
  • Tassis. PASIPHAE [PPTX]
  • Pelgrims. Modelling dust emission [PDF]
  • Mangilli. Dust moments: modelling of polarised dust emission
  • Hanany. IDS [PDF]
  • Aumont. PILOT [PDF]



Wednesday, OCTOBER 17th, 2018.

9:00-11:00  Session III. AME and synchrotron.

  • Peel. AME review [PDF]
  • Hensley. AME models [PDF]
  • Genova-Santos. AME polarization with QUIJOTE [PDF]
  • Poidevin. New AME sources with QUIJOTE [PDF]
  • Abitbol. AME in S140 [PPTX]
  • Leahy. Synchrotron review [PDF]

11:30-13:30 Session III. AME and synchrotron (cont’)

  • Vidal. Large scale Synchrotron and Loop I [PDF]
  • Krachmalnicoff. High galactic latitude synchrotron [PDF]
  • Watson. 3D model of North Polar Spur [PDF]
  • Ruiz-Granados. The FAN region [PDF]
  • Jew. C-BASS synchrotron [PDF]
  • Harper. C-BASS high galactic latitude synchrotron [PDF]

15:00-16:30 Session III. Synchrotron (cont’)

  • Eimer. CLASS 40GHz results [PDF]
  • Vansyngel. QUIJOTE results on synchrotron [PDF]

Session IV.  Extragalactic modelling.

  • de Zotti. Extragalactic research paths explored by space-borne CMB experiments [PDF]
  • Massardi. The support of ground-based radio-source observations to cosmological experiments [PDF]

17:00-18:35 Session IV (cont’). Extragalactic modelling.

  • Partridge. A brief history of foregrounds [PDF]
  • González-Nuevo. Extragalactic sources from Planck [PDF]
  • Puglisi. Forecasting polarised radiosources [PDF]
  • Herranz. Polarised sources in QUIJOTE maps [PDF]
  • Grumitt. C-BASS point sources. [PDF]



Thursday, OCTOBER 18th, 2018.

9:00-11:00  [2h] Session V.  Component separation.

  • Barreiro. The Planck 2018 CMB maps [PDF]
  • Remazeilles. GNILC [PDF]
  • Cardoso. SMICA [PDF]
  • López-Caniego. Point-source extraction [PDF]
  • Casaponsa. Neural networks [PDF]

11:00-11:30 [30min] Coffee break


11:30-13:30 [2h] Session V (cont’). Component separation.

  • Poletti. FGBuster [PDF]
  • Liu. Morphology of E&B foregrounds [PDF]
  • López-Caraballo. Hybrid ILC [PDF]
  • Abitbol. CMB spectral distortions [PDF]
  • Irfan. New model sparsity [PDF]

Session VI. Sky models and forecasts.

  • Treelogic. RADIOFOREGROUNDS platform (presented by Rubino-Martin) [PDF]

13:30-15:00 [1.5h] Lunch break


15:00-16:20 [1:20h] Session VI (cont’). Sky models and forecasts.

  • Remazeilles. Lessons from CORE [PDF]
  • Delabrouille. PSM [PDF]
  • Rotti. Moment expansion method [PDF]

16:20-16:50 [30min] Coffee break


16:50-18:15 [1:25h] Session VI (cont’). Forecasting future experiments.

  • Errard. Forecasting galactic foregrounds cleaning with parametric, pixel-based, max-likelihood approach [PDF]
  • Zonca. PySM [PDF]
  • Fernandez-Cobos. Forecasts with forthcoming experiments  [PDF]
  • Round table: “CMB foregrounds for B-mode studies”. Moderator: Baccigalupi. [PDF]



End of meeting.