The PDF files of the invited and contributed talks presented at the conference are available below (ordered alphabetically):

Invited talks:

Lori Allen: Seven Years in SpitzerLand 

Catarina Alves de Oliveira: Probing the low-mass end of the IMF in star-forming regions

Philippe André: From filamentary clouds to prestellar cores to the stellar IMF: First results from the Herschel Gould Belt Survey

Isabelle Baraffe: The early evolution of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

Shantanu Basu: Clouds to Cores to Protostars: The Influence of Magnetic Fields

Sylvain Bontemps: Observations of the earliest phases of high-mass star formation

Jerome Bouvier: The substellar IMF in young clusters 

Chris Brunt: The Early Stages of Star Formation in Molecular Clouds

Andrew Burgess: M-Dwarfs to T-Dwarfs: the Low-Mass Initial Mass Function in IC 4665 and IC 348

Cátia Cardoso: $epsilon$ Indi Ba, Bb: dynamical masses and spectroscopic study  of the nearest brown dwarf binary system to Earth

Gilles Chabrier: From density fluctuations to prestellar cores: assembling stellar masses

Cathie Clarke: Binary star formation

Timea Csengari: Origin of high-mass stars in Cygnus-X

James Dale: Fragmenting shells and triggered star formation

Davide Elia: Deriving dust core properties from recent Herschel maps 

Lee Hartmann: Initial conditions for star formation and the IMF

Vera Konyves: The Aquila prestellar core population revealed by Herschel

Pavel Kroupa: Evidence for a top-heavy IMF in extreme star-bursts

Nicolas Lodieu: The spectroscopic mass function in the Upper Sco Association

Ana López-Sepulcre: A minimum surface density for OB star formation: An observational test

Kevin Luhman: The low-mass IMF in the nearest star-forming regions

Thomas Maschberger: Properties of hierachically forming star clusters 

Philip Myers: How do protostars get their mass?

Francesco Palla: Stellar mass: From Birth to Youth

Basmah Riaz: A multi-wavelength study of the young open cluster NGC 6823

Keivan Stassun: Constraints on Theoretical Stellar Models: Empirical Measurements of the Masses of Stars and Brown Dwarfs at Young Ages

Jonathan Tan: The Birth and Influence of Massive Stars

Stefanie Walch: Expanding shells require special conditions in molecular clouds

Elaine Winston: Near-IR & X-ray Observations of the Serpens Cloud


Contributed talks:

John Bochanski et al.: The Stellar Low-Mass IMF: SDSS Observations of 15 Million M Dwarfs

Eli Bressert et al.: Do All Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood Form in Dense Clusters?

Rumpa Choudhury et al.: Triggered star formation and Young Stellar Population in Bright-Rimmed Clouds

Paul Clark et al.: The IMF through cosmic time: from primordial to present day star formation

Benoit Commercon et al.: Protostellar collapse: magnetic and radiative feedbacks on small-scale collapse and fragmentation

Robert De Rosa et al.: A-Star Multiplicity and the Companion Mass Function - from Stars to Brown Dwarfs

Trent Dupuy & Michael Liu: Testing Theory with Dynamical Masses and Orbits of Ultracool Binaries

Barbara Ercolano: Ionisation feedback in star formation simulations

Simon Glover et al.: The formation of prestellar cores

Simon Goodwin: Why very low-mass binaries are different?

Jennifer Hatchell et al.: Mass evolution in protostellar envelopes

Masaaki Hiramatsu et al.: SMA Survey of Low Luminosity Young Stellar Objects in Perseus

Benjamin Hussmann et al.: The present day mass function of the Quintuplet cluster - star formation in the extreme environment of the Galactic centre 

Robert King et al.: The Effect of Stellar Density on Stellar Multiplicity

Helen Kirk & Phil Myers: Mass Segregation in Young Stellar Groups

Erin Kryukova & Tom Megeath: A Comparison of Protostellar Luminosity Functions Across Diverse Star Forming Environments

Nathan Mayne & Tim Harries.: The properties of discs around accreting brown dwarfs.

Nickolas Moeckel & Cathie Clarke: Collisional formation of massive stars in accreting clusters

Joseph Mottram et al.: The luminosity function and timescale of massive young stellar objects and compact HII regions

Fumitaka Nakamura et al.: On the Effect of Magnetic Fields and Outflow Feedback on the Characteristic Mass of the Stellar IMF

Richard Parker et al.: Inverse mass segregation in Taurus

Nicolas Peretto & G. Fuller: The mass and density structure of infrared dark clouds

Ngoc Phan-Bao et al.: Molecular Outflows in the Substellar Domain

Christophe Pinte & the GASPS Team: Herschel view of gas and dust in protoplanetary disks

Dimitris Stamatellos & Anthony Whitworth: How to limit the effect of radiative feedback in low-mass star formation

Beate Stelzer et al.: First results from XMM-Newton Investigations in Lambda Orionis (XILO): Multi-wavelength study of the young cluster Collinder 69

Andrea Stolte: Circumstellar discs in the Arches starburst cluster

Derek Ward-Thompson: Observations of prestellar cores and the origin of the IMF

Emma Whelan et al.: Using Observations of Brown Dwarfs Jets to Investigate Brown Dwarf Formation

Anthony Whitworth & Murat Kaplan: The Dynamics of Brown Dwarf Binaries