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The island of Tenerife

Tenerife, a Spanish island, is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean some 350 km off the coast of Africa. It has more than 800,000 inhabitants making it the most populated island in the archipelago.

The capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is the second biggest city in the archipelago. It hosts a number of official institutions of the Government of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, like the Presidency, the Parliament, a number of Ministries and the Court of Justice.

Tenerife is an ideal island for a holiday at any time of the year and has first-quality hotels and outdoor facilities. Its wonderful climate, breath-taking landscapes and the kindness of its people make it a prime tourist destination. The climate in the coastal areas of Tenerife is mild in November and often suitable for bathing in the open, with temperatures usually in the range 20-25o C during the day and 16-18o C at night. Temperatures are substantially lower in the mountains, like in the 'Las Canadas del Teide' National Park, a favourite tourist destination located at an average altitude of about 2300 m.

The Island’s dramatic orography (Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain, reaches a height of 3718 metres) and the north-easterly trade winds provide Tenerife with a variety of microclimates which are among its many attractions, with landscapes ranging from desert to rainforest and volcanic badlands to rolling green hillsides.

Modern and cosmopolitan, and at the same time rooted in its traditions, Tenerife is a paradise for those seeking amusement, sport, light and nature, or simply relaxation and peace. An island, and at the same time, a world in itself, there is always more to see and learn about in Tenerife.

Air traffic

The Canary Islands have excellent air connections to continental Europe and the UK. There are scheduled flights between Tenerife and the major Spanish cities, as well as to a number of European destinations. There are charter flights to more than a hundred foreign destinations. The flying time from Madrid to Tenerife is approximately 2.5 hours. Flights to most western European capitals take between 3.5 and 4.5 hours.

See Tenerife maps below or using the website: Google Map

Tenerife has two airports, one in the north,
Tenerife Norte (TFN), also known as Los Rodeos Airport, and the other in the south, Tenerife Sur (TFS), also known as Reina Sofia Airport. The code to search for connections to either airport is TCI. We recommend using the South Airport (TFS, Reina Sofía) if at all possible, as this is much closer to the conference venue located in the South of the island. If you do arrive at the Northern airport (TFN) we recommend using the bus (see below) rather than a taxi as the cost for the latter will be considerable (at least 80 euros) 

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Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) Flight Information

In most cases Madrid Airport (Barajas, code MAD) is used as a transfer when coming from non-European countries. There are daily flights connecting worldwide locations and Madrid. Madrid-Tenerife is operated by IBERIA or other Spanish regular airlines (Spanair, Air Europe) and costs 300 € or sometimes considerably less, but is highly dependent on early booking and special offers. There are also daily connections via Barcelona for similar prices.

Given the abundant number of charter flights to Tenerife from all over Europe, connections through many other major European airport can be considered.

Useful flight company links: 

Iberia KLM Air-Berlin Binter
British Airways EasyJet Transavia Islas Airways

AENA Flight Information:

Local transportation

Costa Adeje is 16 km from TFS with a motorway link covering the full journey to both airports.

Bus: There is a very good bus service (here buses are called guaguas). These buses operated by the company TITSA (green buses) run frequently and cheaply. They are quite comfortable and most of them are air-conditioned. Further details at:

Bus from TFS: There are regular bus services running from the airport to the bus station in Playa de las Americas (there, we recommend you to take a taxi to the Hotel). They depart hourly from 6.20am from the airport and the bus to look out for is no 111 and should take no more than 20-30 minutes.


Bus from TFN: If you arrive at TFN, you should take the bus line 343 from TITSA which will take you to Los Cristianos (price is 12.20 Euros). A taxi ride from Los Cristianos to the hotel will cost you roughly 10 to 12 Euros.


Taxi: Taxi fares are inexpensive compared to European standards, and we recommend this form of transport for your transfer to the hotel. The approximate price of a taxi from the TFS Reina Sofia airport to the hotel will be 30€, and taxis can be found immediately outside the arrivals terminal at TFS, where taxi stewards are available to assist you. Taxis services are very well regulated and very safe. A few euros tip for good service can be considered, and taxi drivers will gladly write a receipt ('una factura, por favor'). If you share a taxi, there should be no problem getting more than one receipt for the fractional cost. If you need translation help (few taxi drivers speak English) ask the taxi steward at the airport, or the hotel staff or LOC upon arrival to the hotel. Taxis from Tenerife North airport (TFN) will cost some 80 Euros to the hotel.

Car hire: If you wish to hire a car, at a very good rate, we recommend you to use the services of CICAR ( / or AutoReisen ( You may find the CICAR desk at the airport hall. The rate is around 30 euros/day, or as low as 100 euros for a full week, full insurance included.

How to get there from the South Airport (TFS):

Distance from TFS to Hotel Anthelia is approximately 16 km

1.   When you leave the airport take the TF-1 motorway and head towards Los Cristianos.

2.   After about 20 minutes turn off the motorway towards Torviscas Playa Fañabe.

3.   Then continue parallel to the motorway for about 100 metres until you reach a tunnel on the left-hand side.

4.   Go through the tunnel and take the next turning on the right.

5.   Continue down this road for about 200 metres, go along the avenue, around the roundabout and turn off to the right.

6.   About 70 metres along this road Hotel Iberostar Anthelia is on the left-hand side.

How to get there from the NorthAirport(TFN):

Distance from TFN to Hotel Anthelia is approximately 100 km

1.   When you leave the airport, take the motorway northwards, heading towards Santa Cruz.

2.   After about 5 minutes you will see a road to the south motorway.

3.   At the end of this road you will be on the TF-1. Head towards Los Cristianos.

4.   After about 85 Km you will see Exit 30 for Torviscas Playa Fañabe.

5.   Continue parallel to the motorway for about 100 metres until you reach a tunnel on the left-hand side.

6.   Go through the tunnel and take the next turning on the right.

7.   Continue down this road for about 00 metres, go along the avenue, round the roundabout and turn off to the right.

8.   About 70 metres along this road Hotel Iberostar Anthelia is on the left-hand side.

Health and insurance

All participants are strongly recommended to arrange for medical insurance for the duration of their stay in the Canary Islands. The LOC will not accept liability for sickness or accidents. Spanish public health centres have co-operation agreements with most European Union countries, but you will need to bring your European Health Insurance Card to avoid having to pay.

There is a private Medical Center in Las Americas "Hospiten Sur" (phone: 922 75 00 22).

There are two large hospitals in Tenerife, the GeneralHospital(Hospital Universitario de Canarias) (phone: 922-678000), which is under the control of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife; and the Residence of the National Health Service (Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria) (phone: 922-602114). Both are amply equipped with the most sophisticated medical facilities.

 In any kind of emergency, dial 112 directly.