Meeting schedule and format

  • The scientific sessions will start on Monday 18 October and run through Friday 22 (around noon) October 2010. They will contain review talks, contributed talks, posters, and panel discussions.
  • The conference format will be divided up into three main topics and will also contain a special session on Wednesday morning in memory of Eduardo Delgado-Donate
    • From clouds to protostars
    • The birth and influence of massive stars
    • The physics of the low-mass end of the IMF

 Talks & Posters: technical information

  • Talks:
    • The time slots allocated to speakers are 30 minutes total (25 + 5 min for questions) for invited reviews, and 20 minutes total (15 + 5 min for questions) for contributed talks. Speakers are expected to adhere strictly to time limits.
    • We will have available 2 laptops: one running Windows which can display Powerpoint and PDF files and a Mac to run Keynote presentations.
    • We ask speakers to give their presentations to members of the LOC and try them out before the start of the sessions in order to speed up the transitions between talks and avoid delays due to repeated changes of laptops. Presentations will later be put on the conference webpage.
  • Posters:
    • The maximum size for posters is 100 cm (height) by 100 cm (width).
    • Posters may be displayed from Sunday 17th on and for the whole duration of the event in the vicinity of the conference room, and will be accessible during coffee and lunch breaks. They have to be removed on Friday morning.