The PDF files of the posters presented at the conference are available below and ordered alphabetically:

Allison, Richard :  Dynamical mass segregation in young star clusters 

Arias, Veronica :  3D hydrodynamical simulations of substelar objects' atmospheres 

Arzoumanian, Doris :  Filamentary structures revealed by Herschel

Barentsen, Geert :  The influence of massive stars on star formation in Cepheus OB2: Results from the IPHAS H-alpha survey 

Barsony, Mary :  Physical Conditions of a Low-Mass Class 0 Source in Ophiuchus 

Bastian, Nate :  The formation sites of high-mass stars 

Becker, Christophe :  The early dynamical evolution of Eta-Chamaeleontis 

Birkby, Jayne :  The WFCAM Transit Survey: searching for low-mass eclipsing binaries 

Bisbas, Thomas G. :  Comparison between SPH and AMR simulations of cloud-cloud collisions 

Brandner, Wolfgang :  From M dwarfs to brown dwarfs: Binary properties at the low mass end of the stellar mass function 

Bulger, Joanna :  Clouds to Cores: A 3.4mm Continuum Emission Study of Circumstellar Material in Ophiuchus 

Caramazza, Marilena :  Activity and Rotation in the Zero Age Main Sequence cluster h Per  

Coelho, Jaziel :  Mass and radius of hybrid stars using Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model 

Dib, Sami :  IMF or IMFs ?  

Dopcke, Gustavo :  The effect of dust cooling in the fragmentation of star-forming clouds for the transition from Pop. III to Pop. II 

Duarte-Cabral, Ana :  Examining the properties and dynamics of young protoclusters: striving to unravel the initial conditions and triggers of star formation

Ercolano, Barbara :  X-ray irradiated protoplanetary discs 

Espinoza-Contreras, Marcela :  Search and spectroscopic characterization of ultracool subdwarfs

Fariña, Cecilia :  NGC604 at the NIR: searching the new generation of stars 

Federrath, Christoph :  The star formation rate of supersonic turbulence 

Gennaro, Mario :  Westerlund 1: a 2D approach for the study of its elongated shape and its spatially varying IMF 

Giannetti, Andrea :  A new look at G353.2+0.9: cloud cores and star formation 

Girichidis, Philipp :  Influence of the Initial Conditions on Star Formation 

Gomez-Martin, Cynthia :  The Etelman Astronomical Observatory: The United States' Southeastern most Observatory  

Gong, Hao :  Dense core formation in supersonic turbulent converging flows 

Habibi, Maryam :  The extinction map of the Arches starburst cluster in the Galactic center 

Haisch Jr., Karl :  A Methane Imaging Survey for T Dwarf Candidates in Rho Ophiuchi 

Hill, Tracey :  Star Formation as seen by the Herschel HOBYS key program 

Hubber, David :  Hybrid SPH/N-body simulations of the formation of star clusters 

Hubrig, Swetlana :  The evolution of magnetic fields in OB-type stars from the study  

Hunt, Stephanie :  Project 1640: an innovative high contrast imager for the discovery and characterisation of brown dwarfs 

Iwasaki, Kazunari :  The fragmentation of expanding shells 

Joos de ter Beerst, Alberic :  Evolution of protostars and episodic accretion  

Jose, Jessy :  Optical and Infra-red  Survey of the Young Stellar Population Associated with the Star-forming Complex Sh2-252 (NGC 2175) 

Kirk, Jason :  G29.96-0.02: Fitting of the full SED 

Kudryavtseva, Natalia :  The Initial Mass Function and internal dynamics of the starburst cluster Westerlund 1 from near-infrared adaptive optics observations 

Martín, Eduardo L. :  New Nahual: Possibilities for Star Formation Studies 

Massi, Fabrizio :  The Vela Molecular Ridge: a laboratory for testing physical scenarios leading to a standard IMF  

McLeod, Andrew :  Collisions of supersonic clouds 

Micela, Giuseppina :  Star formation in the outer Galaxy: NGC 1893 

Mieske, Steffen :  A variation of the IMF in ultra-compact dwarf galaxies? 

Montgomery, Michele M. :  A Source to Warp/Tilt Disks 

Mottram, Joseph C. :  A new molecular outflow in the Vulpecula Rift 

Mucciarelli, Paola :   A deep Chandra observation of the S254-S258 star forming complex 

Nguyen-Luong, Quang :  Clumps to cores distributions in W43 complex and others 

Ntormousi, Evangelia :  Formation of Molecular Cloud Precursors from Colliding Superbubbles 

Nutter, David :  Early results from SCUBA2 

Owen, James :  Photoevaporation of Discs 

Palous, Jan :   When clusters trigger a second stellar generation? 

Patience, Jenny :  Submm/mm emission across the Stellar/Substellar Boundary in Taurus 

Peña-Ramírez, Karla :  Characterization of T-type planetary mass objects candidates in the $sigma$ Orionis cluster 

Perger, Manuel :  A search for low-mass objects in unexplored regions of Taurus-Auriga 

Petr-Gotzens, Monika :  First results from the VISTA Science Verification mini-survey in Orion 

Polychroni, Danae:  The Star Formation Processes in the W3 GMC 

Poteet, Charles A. :  The Spitzer IRS Protostar Survey of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex 

Powell, Stacie :  The Spectroscopic Signature of FU Orionis 

Ramírez-Alegría, Sebastián A. :  Last Results from Project MASGOMAS (MAssive Stars in Galactic Obscured MAssive  clusterS) 

Rawiraswattana, Krisada :  Circumstellar discs in binary systems 

Reggiani, Maddalena :  Binary formation mechanisms. Constraints from the Companion Mass Ratio 

Riaz, Basmah :  The 10mu and 20mu Silicate Emission Features in Brown Dwarf Disks 

Scandariato, Gaetano :  An Infrared Characterization of the Orion Nebula Cluster 

Schnurr, Oliver :  The Most Massive Stars 

Seifried, Daniel :  Magnetically driven outflows during massive star formation 

Sidorin, Vojtech :  Morphology of Bubble N107 

Smith, Rowan J. :  The story of protostellar cores. 

Suárez-Madrigal, Andrés :  Tidal forces as a regulator of star formation in Taurus: a numerical study 

Summers, Lee James :  The Spiral Structure of the Outer Milky Way 

Tanaka, Kei :  Radiation Pressure Problem in the Massive Star Formation: Shielding by the Dust-Free Disk 

Thi, Wing-Fai :  Strong effects of cosmic rays on the characteristic mass of young stars in starbursts 

Thies, Ingo :  Tidally induced brown dwarf and planet formation in circumstellar discs 

Tomida, Kengo :  Numerical Models of the First Cores: Comparison with Observed Candidates 

Weidner, Carsten :  Super-star clusters vs OB associations 

Wunsch, Richard :  3D hydrodynamic simulations of gas reinserted within super star clusters 

Zahorecz, Sarolta :  Pre-main sequence stars as seen by AKARI all-sky survey