Abstracts list

Invited talks

1- How Hubble Changed Research in Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: B. Balick
2- Molecular processes from the AGB to the PN stage
Presenting author: D.A. Garcia-Hernandez
3- Planets, Evolved Stars, and How they might Influence each other
Presenting author: E. Villaver
4- The Frontier of Ground-Based Observations
Presenting author: H.U. Kaeufl
5- The white dwarf connection
Presenting author: K. Werner
6- Cosmic Recycling
Presenting author: K.B. Kwitter
7- New results from the UV
Presenting author: L. Bianchi
8- Constraining the chemical evolution of the Local Group galaxies
Presenting author: L. Magrini
9- Mass Loss on the AGB and Beyond
Presenting author: L.A. Willson
10- PN populations in external galaxies
Presenting author: M. Arnaboldi
11- Observations of central stars and their winds from X-ray observations
Presenting author: M.A. Guerrero
12- PN populations and kinematics
Presenting author: M.G. Richer
13- The Impact of Future Space Observatories on PN research
Presenting author: M.J. Barlow
14- Early Herschel Results
Presenting author: P. García-Lario
15- AGB evolution: new theoretical results
Presenting author: P. Marigo
16- The Past, Present and Future of Planetary Nebulae Surveys in our Galaxy
Presenting author: Q. Parker
17- Common envelopes: the binary route to planetary nebulae?
Presenting author: R. Izzard
18- Shape, Structure, and Morphology in Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: R.A. Shaw
19- Historical overview of planetary nebulae research
Presenting author: S. Kwok
20- Report on the workshop "Uncertainties in Atomic Data and How they Propagate in Chemical Abundances
Presenting author: V. Luridiana
21- PNe in the Magellanic Clouds and other Local Group galaxies
Presenting author: W. Reid
22- Dynamical modeling and the interactions with the ISM
Presenting author: W. Steffen
23- Atomic processes in photoionized gaseous nebulae
Presenting author: X. Liu
24- Spitzer Observations of Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: Y.-H. Chu

Contributed talks

1- Wind Capture Accretion Disks and Magnetic Towers in pPN
Presenting author: A. Frank
2- Heavy elements in planetary nebulae: A theorist's gold mine
Presenting author: A. Karakas
3- Morphological classification of post-AGB stars
Presenting author: A. Manchado
4- Shaping proto-Planetary Nebulae by binary systems
Presenting author: A. Riera
5- Ongoing surveys for close binary central stars and wider implications
Presenting author: B. Miszalski
6- Are planetary nebulae derived from multiple evolutionary scenarios?
Presenting author: D. Frew
7- When Shape Matters: Correcting the ICFs to derive the chemical abundances of bipolar and elliptical PNe
Presenting author: D.R. Gonçalves
8- A mid-infrared imaging survey of post-AGB stars
Presenting author: E. Lagadec
9- Ionization of galaxies by their planetary nebulae
Presenting author: G. Stasinska
10- Post-AGB stars of the LMC and SMC
Presenting author: H. van Winckel
11- The SPM Kinematic Catalogue of Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: J.A. Lopez
12- NGC 5128 - a nearby laboratory for PNe in a giant early-type galaxy
Presenting author: J.R. Walsh
13- M31 planetary nebulae as seen by PHAT
Presenting author: L. Girardi
14- Carbon chemistry in Galactic Bulge Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: L. Guzman-Ramirez
15- Spitzer IRS spectra of compact Galactic planetary nebulae: the link between dust, early evolution, and metallicity
Presenting author: L. Stanghellini
16- Observational study of mass loss from AGB stars and beyond
Presenting author: M. Matsuura
17- Population Synthesis of Galactic PN from Binaries
Presenting author: M. Moe
18- Planetary nebulae in NGC300: their chemical abundances and the abundance gradient in this galaxy
Presenting author: M. Peña
19- The Planetary Nebulae Population in the Central Regions of M32: the SAURON view
Presenting author: M. Sarzi
20- Modeling the diffuse X-ray emission of Planetary Nebulae with different chemical composition
Presenting author: M. Steffen
21- (F)UV Spectroscopy of 15 Extremely Hot Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: M. Ziegler
22- Magnetic Fields And Developing Asymmetries In Circumstellar Masers of evolved stars
Presenting author: N. Amiri
23- Jet Power in Planetary Nebulae: Theory vs. Observation
Presenting author: P. Huggins
24- Herschel observations of PNe in the MESS key program
Presenting author: P.A.M. van Hoof
25- SOFIA Observations of the Planetary Nebula NGC 7009
Presenting author: R. Rubin
26- Understanding the Immediate Progenitors of Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: R. Sahai
27- A wealth of new planetary nebulae from the IPHAS survey
Presenting author: R.L.M. Corradi
28- Observing compact disks inside PPNe with the VLTI
Presenting author: S. Bright
29- Multipolar Planetary Nebulae: Not as Geometrically Diversified as Thought
Presenting author: S.-N. Chong
30- Magnetic fields during the evolution towards Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: W. Vlemmings


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36- Author: D. Jones
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38- Author: D.R. Goncalves
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