PDF (or PPT) files with the presentations of the meeting can be found below. We also make available a link to a video with the talks recorded (see also the IAC talks archive). There are no videos for the tutorial sessions.

Summary of the school

  • Francisco-Shu Kitaura (includes links to the different lectures by clicking on the names) [PDF]

Monday, 18 SEPTEMBER 2017

  • Plenary lecture: Yun Wang [PDF] [VIDEO]
  • Diego Blas [PDF] [VIDEO]
  • Martín Crocce [PDF] [VIDEO]
  • Miguel Zumalacárregui Pérez [PDF] [VIDEO]
  • Antonio J. Cuesta [PDF] [VIDEO]
  • Sergio Pastor Carpi [PDF] [VIDEO]
  • Antonio J. Cuesta & Miguel Zumalacárregui Pérez: Tutorial [PDF]

Tuesday, 19 SEPTEMBER 2017

Wednesday, 20 SEPTEMBER 2017

Thursday, 21 SEPTEMBER 2017

Friday, 22 SEPTEMBER 2017