Abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author. After the deadline, the SOC will construct the scientific programme on the basis of these submitted abstracts.

Invited talks

1- Magnetic Fields in the Early Universe
Presenting author: Battaner, E.
2- Measuring ISM Magnetic Fields by Radio Polarization
Presenting author: Beck, R.
3- Observational Evidence for Magnetic Fields across the H-R Diagram
Presenting author: Berdyugina, S.
4- Role of Magnetic Fields in Emerging Paradigms of Shaping and Launching Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: Blackman, E.
5- Paradigm Shifts of the Solar Dynamo
Presenting author: Brandenburg, A.
6- Zeeman-Doppler Imaging: Limitations and New Approaches
Presenting author: Carroll, T.A.
7- Magnetic Fields in and beyond Clusters of Galaxies
Presenting author: Dolag, K.
8- Constraining Magnetic seed Fields for Clusters and Galaxies
Presenting author: Durrer, R.
9- Galactic Dynamo Simulations
Presenting author: Elstner, D.
10- Orion: The Structure of a Magnetized HII Region
Presenting author: Ferland, G.
11- Cosmic Magnetism with the Square Kilometre Array and its Pathfinders
Presenting author: Gaensler, B.
12- Imaging Polarimetry: A Powerful Diagnostic Tool
Presenting author: Gledhill, T.
13- The Magnetic Structure of our Galaxy: A Review
Presenting author: Han, J.L.
14- The Faraday-Rotation Technique
Presenting author: Heald, G.
15- Zemann Splitting
Presenting author: Heiles, C.
16- The Role of a Magnetic Fields for Planetary Formation
Presenting author: Johansen, A.
17- Measuring T-Tauri Star Magnetic Fields
Presenting author: Johns-Krull, C.M.
18- Magnetic Fields in White Dwarfs and their Direct Progenitors
Presenting author: Jordan, S.
19- The Role of Intrinsic Magnetic Fields in the Evolution and Habitability of Planets: Planetary Protection Aspects
Presenting author: Khodachenko, M.L.
20- Measuring Cosmic Magnetic Fields with Very Large Telescopes
Presenting author: Kochukhov, O.
21- Magnetic Fields and Dynamics of the Sun's Interior
Presenting author: Kosovichev, A. G.
22- Pulsars and Magnetars
Presenting author: Kramer, M.
23- Magnetic Transport from AGN Cores to the IGM: Present and Past
Presenting author: Kronberg, P.
24- The Basic Role of Magnetic Field in Stellar Evolution
Presenting author: Maeder, A.
25- Magnetic Flux Emergence and Solar Eruptions
Presenting author: Moreno-Insertis, F.
26- Measuring ISM Fields using Pulsars
Presenting author: Noutsos, A.
27- Magnetic Instabilities in Stellar Physics and in the Laboratory
Presenting author: Rüdiger, G.
28- Measuring and Calibrating Galactic Synchrotron Emission
Presenting author: Reich, W.
29- Planetary Dynamos: Differences and Similarities to Stellar Dynamos
Presenting author: Roberts, P.H.
30- The Role of Magnetic Fields in Supernovae
Presenting author: Spruit, H.
31- The Second Solar Spectrum and the Hidden Magnetism
Presenting author: Stenflo, J.O.
32- The Jupiter-Io System
Presenting author: Su, Y.J.
33- Diagnostic Methods based on Scattering Polarization and the joint action of the Hanle and Zeeman Effects
Presenting author: Trujillo-Bueno, J.
34- Magnetic Reconnections and Energy Release on the Sun and Solar-Like Stars
Presenting author: van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.

Contributed talks

1- The magnetic field structure in the multi-source magnetized core NGC 2024 FIR 5
Presenting author: Alves, F. O.
2- The effect of stellar magnetic braking on the evolution of close-in extrasolar planets orbiting main-sequence stars
Presenting author: Barker, A.
3- Impact of Large-Scale Magnetic Fields on Stellar Structure and Evolution
Presenting author: Duez, V.
4- A Galaxy Dynamo by Supernova-driven Interstellar Turbulence
Presenting author: Gressel, O.
5- Cosmic-Ray driven dynamo in Galactic Disks
Presenting author: Hanasz, M.
6- The magnetic field structure in NGC 253 in presence of a galactic wind
Presenting author: Heesen, V.
7- Magnetic fields in AGB stars and (proto-) Planetary Nebulae
Presenting author: Herpin, F.
8- Magnetic Coronae of Active Main-Sequence Stars
Presenting author: Jardine M.
9- Probing Interstellar Magnetic Fields with Supernova Remnants
Presenting author: Kothes, R.
10- On the relation between photospheric magnetic fields and chromospheric emissions in the quiet Sun
Presenting author: Loukitcheva, M.
11- Feedback of the magnetic field of a close-in exoplanet to the star
Presenting author: Motschmann, U.
12- Magnetic field observations of very-low-mass stars
Presenting author: Reiners, A.
13- The Magnetic Field in Luminous Star-Forming Galaxies
Presenting author: Robishaw, T.
14- Starspots – Signatures of Stellar Magnetic Activity
Presenting author: Strassmeier, K.G.
15- Magnetic field observations of massive stars
Presenting author: Wade, G.
16- What do we really know about the Magnetic Field of the Milky Way?
Presenting author: Wielebinski, R.

Poster talks

1- Stability of Magnetic Fields in Neutron Stars
Presenting author: Arlt, R.
2- Direct detection of magnetic field at the surface of slowly rotating giant stars: are all giants magnetically active?
Presenting author: Auriere, M.
3- A Full-Stokes Polarimeter for the GREGOR Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Presenting author: Balthasar, H.
4- Accretion & magnetic field submergence in neutron star surface
Presenting author: Bernal, C.G.
5- Turbulence and Star Formation triggering by SNe
Presenting author: de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M.
6- Magnetic reconnection in accretion disk systems: from Black Holes to Neutron Stars and YSOs
Presenting author: de Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M.
7- A re-evaluation of the Role of Magnetic Fields during Planet Formation in the Early Solar System
Presenting author: Della-Giustina, D.N.
8- The Sun as a Magnetic Star: on the Manifestation of Different Surface Structures in Disk-Integrated Observations
Presenting author: Demidov, M.L.
9- New Global 3D MHD Simulations of Disk Accretion and Outflows around Black Holes
Presenting author: Dobbie, P.
10- 3D global MHD simulations of the proto-planetary disks with the dead zone.
Presenting author: Dzyurkevich, N.
11- Dynamically dominant magnetic fields in the diffuse interstellar medium
Presenting author: Fletcher, A.
12- Surface Magnetic Fields in Pulsars
Presenting author: Gil, J.
13- Faraday Rotation Measures in Supernova Remnants
Presenting author: Harvey-Smith, L.
14- Magnetic fields in O-type stars measured with FORS1 at the VLT
Presenting author: Hubrig, S.
15- The evolving surface magnetic field of T Tauri stars
Presenting author: Hussain, G.
16- Spectropolarimetry with PEPSI at the LBT: accuracy vs. precision in magnetic field measurements
Presenting author: Ilyin, I.
17- The Magnetic Field in the X-ray Binary Cyg X-1
Presenting author: Karitskaya, E.A.
18- Magnetic Fields in Irregular Galaxies
Presenting author: Kepley, A.
19- Prediction of solar magnetic cycles by data assimilation methods
Presenting author: Kitiashvili, I.
20- Isolated quasi-axisymmetric solar spots
Presenting author: Koutchmy, S.
21- Interplay of CR driven galactic wind, magnetic field, and galactic dynamo in spiral galaxies
Presenting author: Krause, M.
22- Radiative Magneto-Hydrodynamics in prestellar core collapse towards massive star formation
Presenting author: Kuiper, R.
23- HD232862: a magnetic and Lithium-rich bright giant field star
Presenting author: Lèbre, A.
24- Solar-type Magnetic Reconnection Model for Magnetar Giant Flare
Presenting author: Masada, Y.
25- Evidence of a magnetic sheath around a jet from NGC 6543
Presenting author: Meinel, B.
26- Surface Magnetic Fields in Pulsars
Presenting author: Melikidze, G.
27- Magnetic geometries of Sun-like stars: exploring the mass-rotation plane
Presenting author: Petit, P.
28- Is the wind of the Oe-star HD 155806 magnetically confined?
Presenting author: Petit, V.
29- On the enigmatic radio emission from the young massive star theta1 Orionis A
Presenting author: Petr-Gotzens, M.
30- A study of the large-scale structure of the Galactic Magnetic Field
Presenting author: Ruiz-Granados, B.
31- Observations of magnetic fields toward S88B and NGC 6334
Presenting author: Sarma, A.P.
32- Near surface radiative magneto-convection simulations for the Sun and a metal-poor solar analog
Presenting author: Steffen, M.

Contributed posters

1- Discovery of fossil magnetic fields in the intermediate-mass pre-main
Presenting author: Alecian, E.
2- The magnetic field of the evolved star W43A
Presenting author: Amiri, N.
3- Testing the comological evolution of regular magnetic fields in disk galaxies with the SKA
Presenting author: Arshakian, T.G.
4- Direct detection of dynamo-generated magnetic fields at the surface of fast rotating active single giants.
Presenting author: Auriere, M. & Konstantinova-Antova, R.K.
5- The three-dimensional structure of the magnetic field of a sunspot
Presenting author: Balthasar, H.
6- Magnetic Fields in Late-Type Dwarf Galaxies
Presenting author: Beck, R.
7- Why we need to measure turbulent magnetic fields in HII regions
Presenting author: Beckman, J.E.
8- Detecting Magnetic Fields in Filamentary Large-Scale Structure with Radio Polarization
Presenting author: Brown, S.
9- The surface magnetic field evolution of II Peg - A Zeeman-Doppler imaging approach
Presenting author: Carroll, T.A.
10- Deriving AGN Properties from Radio Circular and Linear Polarimetry
Presenting author: Cenacchi, E.
11- Intergalactic Medium Turbulence and the Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Magnetic Fields
Presenting author: de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M.
12- Current Problems in the Solar Dynamo Modeling and Possible Solutions
Presenting author: de Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M.
13- MHD Numerical Simulations of the Central Regions of the Perseus Cluster: the formation of shocks, filaments, and magnetic loops
Presenting author: de Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M.
14- On the Dependence of Magnetic Line Ratios on Time and Spatial Scales
Presenting author: Demidov, M.L.
15- Mini-Filaments - Small-Scale Analogues of Solar Eruptive Events?
Presenting author: Denker, C.
16- Polarized Hydrogen Emission Lines in Mira stars: a Mystery Behind the Shock
Presenting author: Fabas, N.
17- Magnetic Fields in the Pipe Nebula Region
Presenting author: Franco, G.A.P.
18- Cosmic magnetic fields in clusters of galaxies and their analysis
Presenting author: Geisbuesch, J.
19- Cosmic magnetic fields in galaxies, groups and clusters
Presenting author: Geisbuesch, J.
20- A deep polarization study of the ELAIS N1 field at 1.4 GHz with the DRAO-ST and the VLA
Presenting author: Grant, J. K.
21- MiMeS: Magnetism in Massive Stars
Presenting author: Grunhut, J.
22- Probing the Size of the Magnetosphere of a Young Solar-Like Star
Presenting author: Hamilton-Drager, C.
23- Initial magnetization of galaxies by exploding magnetized stars
Presenting author: Hanasz, M.
24- The magnetic field of the B3V star 16 Pegasi
Presenting author: Henrichs, H.F.
25- Search for the magnetic field of O7.5 III star $\xi$ Persei
Presenting author: Henrichs, H.F.
26- MHD Remote Numerical Simulations: Evolution of Coronal Mass Eject
Presenting author: Hernández-Cervantes, L.
27- Searching for a link between the magnetic nature and other observed properties of Herbig Ae/Be stars
Presenting author: Hubrig, S.
28- Searching for a link between the presence of chemical spots on the surface of HgMn stars and their weak magnetic fields
Presenting author: Hubrig, S.
29- New magnetic field measurements in $\beta$\,Cephei and SPB stars
Presenting author: Hubrig, S.
30- Gravitational Distortion of Magnetic Field Lines in Prestellar Cores
Presenting author: Kandori, R.
31- Magnetic and tidal interactions in spin evolution of exoplanets
Presenting author: Kitiashvili, I.
32- Doppler imaging of stellar magnetic fields in all four Stokes parameters
Presenting author: Kochukhov, O.
33- Magnetic Doppler imaging of II Peg
Presenting author: Kochukhov, O.
34- Simulations of magneto-hydrodynamical waves in atmospheres of roAp stars
Presenting author: Kochukhov, O. & Khomenko, E.
35- Electro-magnetic fields around a drifitng Kerr black hole
Presenting author: Kopacek, O.
36- Radial differential rotation vs surface differential rotation: investigation based on dynamo models
Presenting author: Korhonen, H.
37- Global Magnetic field structure due to the global velocity field in spiral galaxies
Presenting author: Kotarba, H.
38- Off-equatorial circular orbits in magnetic fields of compact objects
Presenting author: Kovar, J.
39- Magnetism in the nearby galaxy M33
Presenting author: Krause M.
40- Three-dimensional MHD simulations of molecular cloud fragmentation regulated by gravity, ambipolar diffusion, and nonlinear flows
Presenting author: Kudoh, T.
41- Gradient of the stellar magnetic field in measurements of hydrogen lines cores
Presenting author: Kudryavtsev, D.
42- Zeeman Tomography of SDSS Magnetic White Dwarfs
Presenting author: Kulebi, B.
43- 3D MHD numerical simulations of magnetic fields and radio polarization of barred galaxies
Presenting author: Kulpa-Dybel, K.
44- Magnetic Fields in Massive Star Forming Regions: Wide-field NIR Polarimetry of M 42 and Mon R2
Presenting author: Kusakabe, N.
45- SMA observations of magnetic fields in VLA1623 and L1551 IRS5
Presenting author: Lai, S.P.
46- A Survey of the Polarized Emission from the Galactic Plane at 1420 MHz with Arcminute Angular Resolution
Presenting author: Landecker, T.L.
47- On Global Stability of Thin Ionized Disks Immersed in an External Magnetic Field
Presenting author: Liverts, E.
48- Dead Zone Formation and Nonsteady Hyperaccretion in Collapsar Disks
Presenting author: Masada, Y.
49- Axisymmetric Magnetorotational Instability in Viscous Accretion Disks
Presenting author: Masada, Y.
50- On MHD rotational transport, instabilities and dynamo action in stellar radiation zones
Presenting author: Mathis, S.
51- Two-dimensional Numerical Study of the Expanding Relativistic Outflow from Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars
Presenting author: Matsumoto, J.
52- Scattered OH Maser Sources in the Direction of W49N
Presenting author: Mendoza Torres, E.
53- Effects of Turbulence on Magnetic Reconnection. 2.5D numerical simulation
Presenting author: Otmianowska-Mazur, K.
54- Magnetic fields, X-rays and winds of massive stars
Presenting author: Petit, V.
55- 3D Reconstruction of Solar Magnetoacoustic Waves
Presenting author: Popescu, A.S.
56- First Magnetic Stars
Presenting author: Romanyuk, I.I.
57- 3D structures of steady flow of ideal compressible fluid in MHD: new model of primordial solar nebula
Presenting author: Salmin, V.V.
58- The Role of the Random Magnetic Fields in the ISM: Numerical Simulations
Presenting author: Santillan, A.J.
59- First-order Fermi acceleration of relativistic particles in nonuniform magnetic fields with nonvanishing Alfvenic cross helicity turbulence
Presenting author: Schlickeiser, R.
60- Advanced model atmospheres with magnetic field effects included
Presenting author: Shulyak, D.
61- Analysis of magnetic pressure effects in atmospheres of CP stars
Presenting author: Shulyak, D.
62- Evolution of magnetic fields in the medium of irregular galaxy
Presenting author: Siejkowski H.
63- Magnetic observations of pulsating B and Be stars with ESPaDOnS at CFHT and Narval at TBL
Presenting author: Silvester, J
64- Cartography of the magnetic fields and chemical spots of Ap stars
Presenting author: Silvester, J.
65- Low-dimensional models of stellar and galactic dynamos
Presenting author: Sokoloff, D.
66- A cosmological SPH MHD code: application Clusters of Galaxies
Presenting author: Stasyszyn, F.
67- Relative distributuions of cosmic ray electrons and magnetic fields in the ISM
Presenting author: Stepanov, R.
68- Probing Magnetic fields in Distant Spiral Galaxies by Integrated Polarization
Presenting author: Stil, J.M.
69- Stellar nonlinear dynamos: observations and modelling
Presenting author: Tuominen, I.
70- MHD Simulation of Magnetic Channeling and Spindown in Rotating Hot-Star Winds
Presenting author: ud-Doula, A.
71- Numerical simulations of magnetized winds of solar-like stars
Presenting author: Vidotto, A.
72- Time series Doppler imaging using STELLA
Presenting author: Weber, M.
73- GMIMS: The Global Magneto-Ionic Medium Survey
Presenting author: Wolleben, M.
74- Magnetic braking and ambipolar diffusion in metal-poor protostars
Presenting author: Zinnecker, H.
75- North-south asynchrony of solar activity and long-term variations of sunspot latitudes
Presenting author: Zolotova, N.V.