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The Canary Islands are fairly distant from continental Europe, however, connections by air are extremely good. There are regular flights between Tenerife and 16 foreign airports and there are several flights each day to the major Spanish cities, as well as direct charter flights to more than 112 foreign cities. The flight time from Madrid to Tenerife is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

See Tenerife maps at:

Tenerife has two airports, one in the north, Tenerife Norte (TFN), also known as Los Rodeos, and the other in the south, Tenerife Sur (TFS), known also as Reina Sofia. The airport code to search for connections to both airports is TCI. We recommend using the South Airport (TFS, Reina Sofía) if at all possible, as this is much closer to the conference venue. If you do arrive at the Northern airport (TFN) we recommend using the bus (see below) rather than a taxi as the cost for the latter will be considerable (at least 100 euros)

Playa de la Arena (Puerto Santiago) is 40 km from TFS with a motorway link covering the full journey to both airports.

In most cases Madrid Airport (Barajas, code MAD) is used as a transfer when coming from non-European countries. There are daily flights connecting worldwide locations and Madrid. Madrid-Tenerife is operated by IBERIA or other Spanish regular airlines (Spanair, Air Europe) and costs 300 € or sometimes considerably less, but is highly dependent on early booking and special offers. There are also daily connections via Barcelona for similar prices.

Given the abundant number of charter flights to Tenerife from all over Europe, connections through many other major European airport can be considered.

Useful flight company links Q:

Iberia KLM Air-Berlin Binter
British Airways EasyJet Transavia Islas Airways

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Bus: There is a very good bus service (here buses are called guaguas). These buses operated by the company TITSA (green buses) run frequently and cheaply. They are quite comfortable and most of them are air-conditioned. Further details at:

Bus from TFN: There is a frequent (basically every 30 min.) direct bus connection between Tenerife North Airport (TFN) and the bus station in Puerto de la Cruz, line 102, which should take no more than 30-40 mins. There, one can change to a bus to Los Gigantes which goes all the way to Playa la Arena and stops extremely near the Hotel (although below it, on the beachfront). This bus (line 325) leaves at 06:20, 08:40, 10:45, 15:00, 16:45, and 19:15 from Puerto de la Cruz (the 08:40 and 16:45 do not operate Saturdays and Sundays) and will take about an hour and a half on a superbly beautiful route along the coast and then through the mountains.

Since bus 102 also stops at the bus stations of Santa Cruz and La Laguna, this route is also an option for travel from there.

Another possible route is to take any of buses 102, 106, 107 or 108 from TFN airport to Santa Cruz, where you leave the bus at the last stop, the bus station. There, you can change to a bus to Los Cristianos, and there change again to bus line 473 to Los Gigantes. Study this in advance using the information on TITSA's website since there is no point of information for the buses at TFN airport.

Bus from TFS: Bus transfer from Tenerife South airport is cumbersome and we recommend using a taxi. Before using the bus, check out your route and connections on - basically the connection to take is the 487 bus from the airport to Los Cristianos (or Playa de Las Americas), and connect there to the 473 to Los Gigantes. The former leaves at most once an hour during daytime, the latter every 30 minutes during the day. Taking a taxi to Los Gigantes to transfer there to the bus may save you 20 euros but will cost at least an hour.

Taxi: Taxi fares are inexpensive compared to European standards, and we recommend this form of transport for your transfer to the hotel. The approximate price of a taxi from the TFS Reina Sofia airport to the hotel will be 50€, and taxis can be found immediately outside the arrivals terminal at TFS, where taxi stewards are available to assist you. Taxis services are very well regulated and very safe. The fare is always metered, and should be around 45 euros during the day, and some 55 euros between 22:00 and 06:00 hours and on Sundays. A few euros tip for good service can be considered, and taxi drivers will gladly write a receipt ('una factura, por favor'). If you share a taxi, there should be no problem getting more than one receipt for the fractional cost. If you need translation help (few taxi drivers speak English) ask the taxi steward at the airport, or the hotel staff or LOC upon arrival to the hotel.

Taxis from Tenerife North airport (TFN) will cost some 105 euros to the hotel, and some 125 between 22:00 and 06:00 hours and on Sunday. If you leave before, but arrive after 22:00 hours, the taxi meter will automatically start to run faster at 22:00 hours! If you arrive during the day and decide to use a taxi, you may consider asking the driver to take you over the mountains, through the Teide National Park, rather than along the motorways. This should not be more expensive but will take longer. If you're interested in this speak to the taxi steward first (in Spanish, English, French, Italian...) who will be happy to translate your conversation with the taxi driver. You may wish to agree on a fixed fare so the meter won't stay on during stops.

Car hire: If you wish to hire a car, at a very good rate, we recommend you to use the services of CICAR ( / or AutoReisen ( You may find the CICAR desk at the airport hall. The rate is around 30 euros/day, or as low as 100 euros for a full week, full insurance included.

For those renting a car the main directions to get to the hotel are:

  • TFS Airport to the TF-1 motorway (autopista)
  • Take the motorway in the westbound direction (to Las Américas, Los Cristianos, etc.)
  • At the end of the motorway (point 2 in int Via Michelin map), there is a roundabout. Turn left and take the normal road TF-47 towards
  • Playa San Juan
  • Puerto Santiago
  • Acdo. Los Gigantes
  • You will pass a few villages (Armeñime, Playa de San Juan, and Alcalá)
  • About two km after Alcalá, turn left in the direction of
  • Puerto Santiago
  • Playa de la Arena
    (point 3 in Via Michelin map)
  • Continue to Playa de la Arena (about 2 km)
  • After the small beach turn right (Calle El Lajial) to the hotel entrance (marked > < in Via Michelin map)

Changing Money

If you need to change foreign currency upon arrival, there are a large number of ATMs or cash dispensers for a variety of cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX, etc.) for instant cash. These can be found in some places in Playa de la Arena and also at both airports. There is a charge involved (approx. 4%).

There is a bank in the international arrivals lounge at TFS, but this only operates from Monday to Friday from 08:30h to 13:30; an exchange desk is available typically from 07:00h to 24:00h. Currency exchange facilities are also available at TFN. A Bank kiosk opens from Monday to Friday from 08:30h to 13:30h, and an exchange desk is available from 10:00h to 14:00h and from 18:00h to 22:00h. Nevertheless, if you have the chance to exchange money at Madrid airport where the service is permanently available in the international departure areas, we advise you to do so because of the restricted bank opening hours at both Tenerife airports.

Health and Insurance

All participants are strongly recommended to arrange for medical insurance for the duration of their stay in the Canary Islands. The LOC will not accept liability for sickness or accidents. Spanish public health centres have co-operation agreements with most European Union countries, but you will need to bring your European Health Insurance Card to avoid having to pay.

There is a Medical Center at Puerto Santiago (phone: 922-867128) and Hospiten Sur (private) in Las Americas (phone: 922 75 00 22).

There are two large hospitals in Tenerife, the General Hospital (Hospital Universitario de Canarias) (phone: 922-678000), which is under the control of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife; and the Residence of the National Health Service (Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria) (phone: 922-602114). Both are amply equipped with the most sophisticated medical facilities.

In any kind of emergency, dial 112 directly.

Useful telephone numbers and addresses

  • Taxi Rank Los Gigantes: 922 861627
  • Reina Sofía Airport: 922 759 200
  • Puerto Santiago Chemist: 922 862717
  • Los Gigantes Chemist: 922 861612
  • Red Cross: 922 863050
  • Local Police: 922 867033