Talks and Posters in alphabetical order

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Andrés Adrover - Numerical study of a 3D prominence model: Transverse and longitudinal MHD oscillatory modes

Andrey Afanasev - Coronal loop kink oscillations excited by different driver frequencies

Matthew Allcock - A new technique for estimating the Sun's magnetic field strength using asymmetric waves

Iñigo Arregui - Inference of magnetic field strength and density from damped transverse coronal waves

Salome Bagashvili - Evidence for precursors of the coronal hole jets in solar bright points

Dipankar Banerjee - Study of waves from India's solar mission Aditya L1

Sandra M. Conde - Waves in coronal loops observed during flaring events

Bieke Decraemer - Streamer wave events observed with STEREO/COR2 - poster / e-poster

Timothy Duckenfield - Decay-less kink oscillations: detection of higher harmonics

Clara Froment - Long-period intensity pulsations in coronal loops

Marcel Goossens - No unique solution to the seismological problem of standing kink MHD waves

Mingzhe Guo - Heating effects from driven kink and Alfvén waves in coronal loops

Samuel Grant - Alfvén wave dissipation in the solar chromosphere

Thomas Howson - Resonant absorption in expanding magnetic flux tubes

Rajab Ismayilli - MHD Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the anisotropic solar wind plasma

Kostas Karampelas - Energy distribution and structure of gravitationally stratified coronal loops

Rony Keppens - Wave diagrams for ideal 2-fluid plasmas

Leonid Ledentsov - On the origin of the consequent brightening of coronal loops in solar flare arcades

Manuel Luna - GONG catalog of solar filament oscillations near solar maximum

Badma Mikhalyaev - Nonlinear sausage mode of coronal loops

María Montes-Solís - Inference of physical properties in prominence threads

María Montes-Solís - Comparison of damping mechanisms for transverse waves in coronal loops

María Montes-Solís - Exponential of Gaussian damping profile?

Paolo Pagano - How much can the damping of transverse waves contribute to coronal heating?

David Pascoe - Spatiotemporal analysis of coronal loops using seismology and forward modelling

Beatrice Popescu - Two-fluid modeling of waves and shocks in the solar chromosphere

Beatrice Popescu - The Rayleigh Taylor instability in the two-fluid approach

Chloe Pugh - Linking characteristic timescales and spatial scales for quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares

Julia Maria Riedl - How are p-modes converted to act as a wave driver for coronal loop simulations?

Wenzhi Ruan - Solar flares and Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities

Michael S. Ruderman - Waves, oscillations, and instabilities in the solar atmosphere: theory

Yuandeng Shen - New observations on the driving mechanism and wave property of EUV waves

Sergei Shestov - Initiation of Alfvénic turbulence by Alfvén wave collisions: a numerical study

Ben Snow - Intermediate shock substructures within a slow-mode shock occurring in partially ionised plasma 

Ben Snow - Magnetic shocks and substructures from torsional wave collisions in coupled expanding flux tubes

Roberto Soler - Energy transport and heating by torsional Alfvén waves in the partially ionised chromosphere

Qinming Zhang - Large-amplitude prominence oscillations: observations & numerical simulations