XXVIII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics
La Laguna, Tenerife (Spain) - 7th to 16th November 2016


Videos with all the lectures can be found here

Lectures in PDF format can be viewed and downloaded by cliking on the titles listed below.

Sebastien Lebonnois‚Äč

Planetary Atmospheres

1. Overview of planetary atmospheres in the Solar System

2. Radiative transfer, composition, and clouds

3. Atmospheric dynamics and circulation regimes

4. Global Climate Modeling


Aurélien Crida

Origin and early evolution of the Solar System

1. Our understanding of the Solar System through ages

2. Planet formation

3. Planet migration

4. Early dynamical evolution of the Solar System


Karri Muinonen

Physical properties of asteroid surfaces

1. Introduction to asteroid UV-VIS-NIR spectrometry

2. Novel spectrometric modeling

3. Combining spectrometric, polarimetric, and photometric observations

4. Hands-on application to asteroid observations


John Stansberry

Exploring the Outer Solar System

1. TNOs: a brief history, dynamical structure, and characteristics of its inhabitants

2. James Webb Space Telescope (JWST): characterizing the outer Solar System

3. Infrared Characterization of TNOs: Spitzer, Herschel, and JWST

4. New Horizons at Pluto: Surface - Atmosphere Interactions


Julia de León

Image processing of planetary surfaces

1. Digital image processing software packages: an introduction to USGS ISIS3

    1.1. Solar System geometry with SPICE for ESA's planetary missions (Marc Costa Sitjà, ESAC)

2. Practical session: processing Dawn images of asteroid Vesta using ISIS3 software

3. How to extract asteroid/comet spectra taken with ground-based telescopes

4. Practical session: extracting asteroid/comet spectra (Download material)


Michael Küppers

Cometary science and the Rosetta Mission

1. Comets and the Rosetta mission

2. Rosetta: A voyage to a comet and to our origins

3. Cometary science questions: Contribution from Rosetta so far

4. Asteroids


Sebastien Besse

The Solar System in one click: Planetary Science Archive (PSA)

1. Why and how do we archive datasets for the science community and where do we go

2. Practical session: exploring data archives and getting the data you need

3. Tools from archives useful for exploring science datasets

4. Practical session: archived datasets and data reduction for objects like the Moon, Mercury, or the Rosetta mission

(Download material from practical sessions here)


Alejandro Cardesín

Exploration of the Solar System by the European Space Agency

1. Overview of ESA Solar System Missions

2. European exploration of Mars

3. European exploration of Venus

4. Engineering aspects for Solar System Missions


Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS) Virtual Lectures

Four lectures of one hour each will be given by experts on different space missions within CLASS: Humberto Campins (OSIRIS-REx), Will Grundy (New Horizons), Vishnu Reddy (Dawn), and James W. Rice (Mars rovers). See the school timetable for the specific scheduling. The lectures will be streamed live online at the following link: https://connect.arc.nasa.gov/class_seminars/