Poster abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author.

1- Bayesian Analysis of Radial Velocity Curves
Presenting author: Alejandro Suárez Mascareño
2- Searching and timing of pulsars in the globular cluster M15
Presenting author: Alessandro Ridolfi
3- From broad-band to high resolution spectral fitting of near and far mock galaxies - How well can we constrain stellar population properties?
Presenting author: Alfredo Mejía-Narváez
4- Studying Luminous Red Galaxies to probe H(z) at high redshift
Presenting author: Ando Ratsimbazafy
5- HII Galaxies with complex profiles in their emission lines
Presenting author: David Fernández
6- The Dromo formulation of orbital dynamics and its applications to Space Situational Awareness
Presenting author: Davide Amato
7- Bayesian Inference to Analyze the Global Stability of Galaxies
Presenting author: Elizabeth Martínez Gómez
8- Binary stars and the UVX in early type galaxies
Presenting author: Fabiola Hernández-Pérez
9- Exploring the parameter space of coalescing black hole binaries
Presenting author: Francisco Jimenez-Forteza
10- Morphological classification of emission type stars
Presenting author: Gregor Traven
11- RR Lyrae Stars Temporal Parameters Determination and Photometric Redshifts within J-PAS & J-PLUS Surveys, Bayesian Approach
Presenting author: H. Vázquez Ramió
12- Mapping Diffuse Intersetellar Bands in Three Dimensions
Presenting author: Janez Kos
13- Bayesian inference with the MultiNest algorithm
Presenting author: Johannes Rothe
14- LMT Observations of Dust Continuum and CO Emission Lines of Submillimetre Galaxies at z=2.0-4.7
Presenting author: Jorge Zavala
15- Determination of 3D Trajectories of Knots in Solar Prominences Using MSDP Data
Presenting author: Maciej Zapiór
16- SphinX Observations of Tiny Flares During Extremely Low Solar Activity
Presenting author: Magdalena Gryciuk
17- Mid-infrared nuclear emission in QSOs
Presenting author: Mariela Martínez-Paredes
18- Chromospherically Active Stars in the RAVE Survey
Presenting author: Marusa Zerjal
19- Testing the Bayesian Approach to ON/OFF Signal Measurement Problem with High Energy Data
Presenting author: Mateusz Janiak
20- Models of the Cold Low Velocity Clouds
Presenting author: Pedro Rubén Rivera Ortíz
21- Cosmology with massive bursts of star formation
Presenting author: Ricardo Chávez
22- Bayesian determination of ejection models
Presenting author: Venkatessh Ramakrishnan