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Chromospherically Active Stars in the RAVE Survey
Marusa Zerjal, Tomaz Zwitter, Gal Matijevic, Klaus G. Strassmeier and RAVE Collaboration


RAVE, the unbiased magnitude limited survey of the southern sky is a large dataset that contains medium-resolution spectra of 500,000 stars. Spectra cover the Ca~II~IRT range which is a known indicator of chromospheric activity. 44,000 candidates for chromospherically active stars were found in this survey and this number largely exceeds previously known datasets. Poster presents methods for measuring stellar activity levels using measured inactive spectra, the interpretation of results and associated pitfals. All our methods are easily applicable to other large spectroscopic surveys and since the activity level diminishes with stellar age, results could be used to estimate stellar ages for a large samples of stars.