School Venue

The Lecture sessions will take place at the main conference room of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.


Free high-speed WiFi connection will be available. A poster exhibition area is located close to the Conference Room (1mx 1m individual frames).

Timetable for the lecture sessions is daily from Monday to Friday (excluding Wednesday were full day trip to the Observatories are scheduled) along two weeks.

Standard lecture sessions are from 9:00 until 17:30. Every lecture day consists of three blocks of 2 hours with a break in between them: morning coffee break and lunch.

Each Professor will distribute the time on his own convenience amongst the different types of possible activities: lecture, exercises, practical work, questions of students, etc.

How to reach the IAC

It is rather simple from the hotel Nivaria and takes around 15 min both walking or by tram.


By tram

Take the tram at the initial stop in ‘La Trinidad’ avenue. Here is a map to walk from the Nivaria hotel (A) to the tram stop (B).



You have to follow the tram way most of the time. Here are the instructions to reach the IAC (B) from the hotel Nivaria (A).