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HII Galaxies with complex profiles in their emission lines
D.Fernández, R. Terlevich, E.Terlevich, R. Chávez


In this work we study 27 HII galaxies using high-dispersion spectroscopy (ESO VLT-UVES from Chavez et al. 2012 and FEROS-La Silla Observatory in Chile from Telles et al. 2011). On the other hand we used low resolution spectra from SDSS and Spectrophotometric Catalogue of HII Galaxies (Terlevich et al. 1991) and we derived different physical parameters and performed statistical principal component analysis, in order to investigate the relationship between luminosity balmer recombination line L(Hβ) and velocity dispersion and the impact of other parameter in the relation L(Hβ)-σ for HII galaxies with complex profiles in their emission line. We classified HII galaxies in two groups according to their emission lines profiles and compared them with HII galaxies of gaussian profile. We find a relationship between the emission line luminosity and the velocity dispersion for HII galaxies with complex profiles in their emission lines although with more dispersion than the relation followed by HII galaxies with gaussian profiles in their emission lines; this may be due to inclination in the disk rotation plane or due to multiple components in the emission regions.