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From broad-band to high resolution spectral fitting of near and far mock galaxies - How well can we constrain stellar population properties?
Alfredo Mejía-Narváez, Gladis Magris, Gustavo Bruzual


Most of the current attempts for extracting physical properties of galaxies from broadband photometry, assume a SFH distribution which yield biases in the estimations. Here we present results for stellar mass, age, metallicity, and internal dust extinction estimations from mock broad- and narrow-band photometry of galaxies, using DynBaS, a non-parametric spectral fitting code, which naturally overcomes the so called "mismatch template" biases. By fitting mock galaxy spectra we were able to answer the following questions: 1) How well can we estimate stellar population properties of near galaxies? 2) How consistent are photometric and spectroscopic estimations of these properties? 3) What is the closest distance for a far galaxy to have a "good estimation" of physical properties by fitting its narrow-band photometric spectra?