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Cosmology with massive bursts of star formation
R. Chávez, R. Terlevich, E.Terlevich, M. Plionis, J. Melnick, F. Bresolin, S. Basilakos


As has been demonstrated by, among others, Plionis et al. (2011), to use a sample of high redshift probes is the best strategy to obtain better constraints in the parameters of the dark energy equation of state and to break the degeneracy in the Ω_m, w plane. Hence, we are working towards the application of the HII galaxies L(Hβ) − σ relation as a cosmological probe at 0.8 < z < 3. We already have observed a sample of 9 objects in that redshift range using X-Shooter at VLT. The sample has been selected from emission line galaxies surveys. Combining our observed sample with data from the literature (Erb et al., 2006), we have obtained constraints on the Ω_m, w plane that are compatible with other determinations although weaker. We are increasing the size of the sample to obtain better statistics in the determination of the cosmological parameters of interest.