Poster contributions

1- Primordial black holes and gravitational waves from dissipation during inflation
Alejandro Pérez Rodríguez
2- HST counterparts to wandering IMBHs
Ana Luisa González Morán
3- Fuzzy Dark Matter Confronts Galactic Rotation Curves of Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
Andrés Bañares-Hernández
4- Sampling of the number density in the context of Halo Occupation Distribution models
Bernhard Vos Ginés
5- Primordial magnetic fields in scale-invariant inflation
Chiara Cecchini
6- Measuring the anisotropic stress with relativistic effects
Daniel Sobral Blanco
7- Properties of filaments extracted by different tracers
Daria Zakharova
8- Quasars at high redshift
Fatma Shaban
9- Anomalous Microwave Emission, another CMB low-frequency foreground: spatial variations along the Galactic Plane
Fernández-Torreiro, Mateo
10- Hubble-Induced Phase Transition: Reheating with Gauge Fields
Giorgio Laverda
11- Galaxy Dynamics and Modified Gravity from Velocity Dispersion in Einstein Rings Systems
Grasiele Romanzini Bezerra
12- Mitigating imaging systematics with image simulation
Hui Kong
13- Detecting relic neutrinos with a solid state device
I. Ridkokasha
14- Chameleon screening on non-spherical compact objects
Joan Bachs Esteban
15- Constraining gas metal mixing strength with MW simulations
Jorge Sarrato Alós
16- Cosmology safe large neutrino masses
Jorge Terol Calvo
17- Studying the Effects of Gamma Ray Burst Jets on the Supernova Emission and its Use to Discover Orphan Afterglows
Laura Cotter
18- Gamma-ray astronomy with the HERD space cosmic-ray detector
Luis Fariña
19- Higgs-Dilaton Inflation in Einstein-Cartan gravity
Matteo Piani
20- Cosmic voids in the up-coming J-PAS survey: prospects for CMB cross-correlation measurements
Nestor Arsenov
21- Simultaneous dual-site SETI with LOFAR international stations
Owen Johnson
22- Supernova Neutrino Earth Tomography
Rasmi Hajjar
23- Gamma Rays to Probe the Extragalactic Background Light
Roger Grau Haro
24- FLAMINGO: Calibration and Clusters
Roi Kugel
25- Modelling galaxy clustering of SF samples in the non-linear regime
Sara Ortega-Martinez
26- The line-like photon signal from mixed neutralino DM annihilation
Stefan Lederer
27- CosmicNet II: Emulating extended cosmologies with efficient and accurate neural networks
Sven Günther
28- Monitoring M87 in the TeV band with HAWC observatory
Tomas Capistran