The line-like photon signal from mixed neutralino DM annihilation

M. Beneke, C. Peset, S. Lederer


WIMP dark matter (DM) is one of the better motivated candidates and its indirect observation via the products of its annihilation entails some of the largest experimental efforts nowadays. The correct observable describing the high-energy photon spectrum from WIMP annihilation is the semi-inclusive process $DM+DM\to\gamma + X$. In TeV-scale dark matter scenarios, non-perturbative effects arise due to the Sommerfeld effect as well as large Sudakov double-logarithms which necessitate resummation via appropriate effective field theory techniques. Our work expanded on previous computations of DM semi-inclusive photon spectra in the minimal wino and Higgsino models to cover arbitrarily mixed neutralino DM candidates in the MSSM to percent level accuracy.