Monitoring M87 in the TeV band with HAWC observatory

T. Capistrán, D. Avila Rojas, M.M. González, R. Alfaro, N. Fraija, and for the HAWC Collaboration


The HEGRA collaboration reported the first evidence of emission of the radiogalaxy M87 with energy greater than 100 GeV. These photons come from their jets that are misaligned concerning our line of sight, opening an opportunity to understand the jet emission before only being observed in blazars. After discovering M87, some gamma-ray observatories monitored M87 and reported three high activity periods. The monitoring campaigns depend on the observatory duty cycle and external alerts from other observatories. The HAWC Observatory operates with a high duty cycle (>95%). It can monitor any source that is in its field of view. In this work, we report the six-year monitoring of M87 by the HAWC Observatory. We present a temporal and spectral analysis using the ground parameter energy estimator developed by the HAWC collaboration. We acknowledge the support from DGAPA PAPIIT IG101320 and IN106521.