Fuzzy Dark Matter Confronts Galactic Rotation Curves of Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxies

Andrés Bañares-Hernández, Andrés Castillo, Jorge Martín Camalich y Giuliano Iorio


We test the consistency of ultra-light scalar field dark matter (ULDM) against a select sample of high-quality rotation curves from galaxies in the LITTLE THINGS survey. We focus on the axionic soliton + NFW model suggested by simulations in the literature with a broad range of particle masses (10⁻²³ − 10⁻²¹ eV), obtaining good fits in most cases for the typical range of 10⁻²³ − 10⁻²² eV eV. We also test for consistency with a number of predictions, such as abundance-matching, concentration vs
halo mass and the soliton – halo mass relation, probing whether ULDM can address the small-scale issues of ΛCDM.