Gamma-ray astronomy with the HERD space cosmic-ray detector

Luis FariƱa, HERD Collaboration


The High Energy cosmic Radiation Detection facility (HERD) is a future experiment, scheduled to be installed aboard the Tiangong Space Station around 2027, with an initial estimated lifetime of at least 10 years.
HERD will exploit its five active faces to monitor the gamma-ray sky in all-sky survey mode its five active faces in an all-sky gamma-ray survey, sensitive to the gamma rays with energies in the range between ~100 MeV and a few tens of TeV. IFAE is collaborating in the optimization of the capabilities of HERD as a gamma-ray detector, and the design, construction and evaluation of a special UltraLow-Energy Gamma-ray (ULEG) trigger system for low-energy (E<10 GeV) gamma-ray events.
In this talk, I will present an overview of the status of the ULEG trigger and the expected associated capabilities of HERD as a gamma-ray telescope.