Travel information

La Palma Airport (SPC) has direct flights from Madrid. These are not very frequent. Most people will likely fly through the Tenerife North (TFN) airport, which offers convenient connection with La Palma. Many and frequent chartered flights, from many cities in central and northern Europe, arrive to the Tenerife South (TFS) airport, which also enjoys a few connections per day with La Palma airport.  

When booking flights please make sure you end up in La Palma (SPC), not in Las Palmas or Palma de Mallorca, beautiful places otherwise!

If you are looking for real time flight information, you can find it by visiting the official La Palma Airport website, which will take you to the English Version of the flight information page.


Local transport

During the meeting there will be a transportation service from Los Cancajos to Santa cruz de la Palma and back.

Taxi:  You should be able to find plenty of taxis at the airport exit area; waiting taxis can be found outside the arrivals hall, please follow the signs. The standard of taxis is generally very high, with most being kept scrupulously clean by the drivers.  

Approximate rates to/from the airport to Santa Cruz de la Palma is around 8.00 Euro, and depends on the current time.

Bus: Public transport on the island is provided by an extensive network of buses (guaguas) that operate between the airport and all major towns, including the tourist resorts on a regular basis. Again the general the standard of the buses is very high.

Car hire: There are a good number of car hire operators situated at Lanzarote Airport, whose desks may be found at the airport in the Arrivals hall. In order to speed your transition through the airport it is advisable to pre-book your rental car, especially in the peak holiday season. If you wish to hire a car, at a very good rate, we recommend you use CICAR (email to You may find the CICAR desk at the airport hall. The rate is ~30 euros/day, full insurance included.


Changing Money

There are many ATM that can be used for cash withdrawal conveniently located. Foreign currency facilities are also available at the Banks which ussualy have also their own Cash Machines (ATMs).



All participants are strongly recommended to arrange for medical insurance for the duration of their stay in the Canary Islands. The LOC will not accept liability for sickness or accidents. Spanish public health centres have co-operation agreements with most European Union countries.


The Hospital General de La Palma is the main public hospital on the island. For any kind of emergency, dial 112 directly.

NOTE: if you are not accompanied by a Spanish speaker it is likely you will spend a lengthy amount of time at the hospital as there are no English speaking staff and generally, holidaymakers are not prioritised. 

Hospital Address:

Hospital General de La Palma
c/ Buenavista de Arriba s/n
38713 Breña Alta
Phone: 922 815 000

Red Cross centres and emergency telephones can be found at regular intervals along the main motorways and roads of the island.