The proceedings of this conference will be published by the Revista Mexicana de Astronomía & Astrofísica, Conference Series. As the proceeding volume is included in the Registration Fee, each participant will automatically receive a copy of it.

In order to not delay publication, and to facilitate the write up of your manuscript on time, we are requesting that you send your manuscript, using the latex macros given below, before the meeting starts, or at the latest, by the time you register on November 16th. Only in extreme cases we will accept late manuscripts. So please bring your manuscript with you and forget about it for the rest of the meeting.


Do not leave La Palma without signing your "CONSENT TO PUBLISH AND COPYRIGHT TRANSFER" document. You can download it here.

Instructions for preparing contributions for the conference proceedings

How should I prepare my manuscript?

  • Manuscripts should be prepared using the latex macros available from
  • The maximum number of pages varies according to the type of contribution:
Type of presentation  Page limit  Format
Long talk (20 min) 3 pages rm-extenso.tex [*]
Normal talk (15 min) 2 pages rm-extenso.tex [*]
Poster 1 page rm-onepage.tex [**]
  • Texts should be in english

[*] Includes "resumen" in Spanish or Portuguese
[**] Does not require "resumen"

  • More details are available in the PDF manual (also included with the macros)

Where should I send my contribution?

To the editors at this email: