Wednesday 16th

08:50-11:00- Chair: José M. Vílchez

08:50-09:00- Welcome (Cas & JMRE)

- Measuring Potassium in Exoplanet Atmospheres with the OSIRIS Tunable Filter (H.J. Deeg)*

- A GTC OSIRIS view of metal-poor stars and brown dwarfs (N. Lodieu)*

- Probing the ultra-compact binary V407 Vul with OSIRIS fast spectroscopy (P. Rodríguez Gil)*

- A black hole in the X-ray transient XTE J1859+226: the first confirmed with GTC (J. Corral Santana)*

- Searching for the optical counterpart of the gamma-ray loud radio-quiet pulsar PSR J2021+4026, the "gamma-Cygni source (A. Carramiñana)*

- OSIRIS deep Imaging of Cygnus OB2: the stellar population of the Cygnus X central engine (M.G. Guarcello)*

- The role of GTC in GRB science (A. Ugarte Postigo)*

11:00-11:30- Coffee

11:30-13:30- Chair: Silvia Torres-Peimbert

- Mid-infrared spectroscopy of primitive asteroids (J. Licandro)*

- An accurate distance to the extremely massive open cluster Stephenson 2 (C. González Fernández)*

- Kinematic Properties of Star Clusters in M33 (I. San Román)*

- Electron densities of HII regions throughout the NGC 6946 disk (J. Beckman)*

- OSIRIS Tunable filter images of the Stephan Quintet: 2D line-ratios of galactic extension (M. Rosado)*

- Absorption Line Mapping with OSIRIS TFs: A Pilot Study (J. Cenarro)*

- GTC and ING: scientific and technical synergies at ORM (M. Balcells)*

13:30-15:00- Lunch

15:00-16:30- Chair: Francisco Garzón

- The GTC Instrumentation Plan (P. Alvarez)**

- MEGARA: The future optical spectrograph for GTC (A. Gil de Paz)**

- The MIRADAS spectrograph for GTC: Science & Instrument (S. Eikenberry)**

- The Spectrographs in MEGARA (M. García Vargas)*

- The INAOE contribution to MEGARA: The next IFU and MOS for the GTC (E. Carrasco)*

16:30-17:00- Coffee

17:00-18:30- Chair: Rafael Bachiller

- OSIRIS at the GTC (J. Cepa)*

- Preparatory work for the scientific operation of CanariCam at the GTC (C. Alvarez)*

- CanariCam early commissioning results (C. Packham)*

- FRIDA: the AO second generation instrument for GTC, status report (B. Sánchez)*

- A High resolution Ultra-stable spectrograph for the GTC (R. García López)*

18:45- Guided tour of the city

21:00- Conference dinner at the Club Náutico


Thursday 17th

09:00-11:00- Chair: Elena Terlevich

- Emission line mapping of extended sources using GTC/OSIRIS tunable filters (R. Terlevich)*

- Emission line maps using the OSIRIS/GTC TF: The case of M101 (J. Mendez Abreu)*

- GTC long-slit spectroscopy of compact stellar clusters in M81 (Y.D. Mayya)*

- The extreme properties of the "Green Pea" galaxies. New hints from GTC observation (R. Amorin)*

- Obscuration in low-luminosity active galactic nuclei (J. Masegosa)*

- Exploring extremely obscured accretion (F. Carrera)*

- Testing the Unification Model for AGN in the Infrared: are the obscuring tori of Type 1 and 2 Seyferts different? (C. Ramos Almeida)*

11:00-11:30- Coffee

11:30-13:30- Chair: Carlos Martínez

- The Large Millimeter Telescope (GTM-LMT) (David H. Hugues)*

- The GTC Scientific archive (E. Solano)*

- The SALT update and possible collaborative projects (Phil Charles)*

- The Herschel HerMES survey: first results of the GTC follow-up programme (I. Pérez-Fournón)*

- The Lockman SpReSO Survey  (J. González)*

- The evolutionary paths among galaxy types on the Red Sequence at 0.3< z <1.5 (C. Eliche Moral)*

- Velocity Dispersions and Stellar Populations of the Most Compact and Massive Early-Type Galaxies at Redshift ~1 (J. Martínez Manso)*

13:30-15:00- Lunch

15:00- 16:30- Chair: Jordi Torra

- SF feedback for massive Systems (C. Muñoz Tuñón)*

- First Science with SHARDS: an ESO-GTC large program (A. Cava)*

- The dependence of the Lyman alpha luminosity function on redshift (J.M. Rodríguez Espinosa)*

- The Lyman alpha escape fraction along the history of the Universe (M. Mas-Hesse)*


16:30-17:00- Coffee

17:00-18:30- Chair: Mercedes Prieto

- LAE's at z~4.5: The environment of radio loud quasar SDSS J080849.42+5215153 (E. Benitez)*

- GTC/OSIRIS spectra of very high redshift quasars in the Alhambra Survey (I. Matute)*

- Spectroscopy of lensing galaxies in the GTC era (L. J. Goicoechea)*

- Lyman Alpha Emitter and Lyman Break Galaxy Candidates with OSIRIS (J. de Diego)*

- Bracketing the reionisation history of the universe (E. Salvador-Solé)*


19:00- Public Lecture at Convento de San Francisco and Reception


Friday 18th

09:00-11:00- Chair: Alec Boksemberg

- Evidence for spiraling in of the stellar companion of the black hole binary  XTEJ1118+480 (R. Rebolo et al)*

- Results of the First Exoplanet Atmospheric Transmission Spectroscopy Attempt with the GTC (M. López Morales)*

- Deriving the dynamical masses of Ultra-Luminous X-ray sources with OSIRIS (A. González Galán)*

- GTC and OSIRIS: expanding the metallicity horizon of massive stars knowledge (M. García)*

- GRB 101225A - an unusual stellar death on Christmas Day (C. Thöne)*

- Sw 1644+57: The birth and formation of a jet in real time (A.J. Castro Tirado)*

- Overview of first CanariCam Commissioning results (C. Telesco)**

11:00-11:30- Coffee

11:30-14:00- Chair: Giancarlo Setti

- Stellar archeology in the M31 halo (L. di Fabrizio)**

- A mid IR survey of local active galactic nuclei with CanariCam (A. Alonso Herrero)**

- SHARDS: a spectro-photometric survey of high-z red and dead sources (P. G. Pérez- González)**

- The Otelo Project (J. Cepa)**

- GLACE: an ESO/GTC project aimed to study the evolution of galaxies in clusters (M. Sánchez Portal)**

- The First Years of GTC science operation, by numbers (R. Rutten)*

- Present and future of the GTC (F. Sánchez)**

Closing remarks & Farewell wine

Afternoon activities (social programme)


Saturday 19th

GTC visit- Please confirm your attendance sending an e-mail to


* Fifteen minutes talk

** Twenty minutes talk

Coffe breaks will take place at the future Modern Art Museum of the city (the building next to the Teatro Circo de Marte). Address: Museo de Arte Moderno,  Calle Virgen de la Luz nº 13.