Tramway information

The tramway connects the cities of La Laguna and Santa Cruz with a frequency of 5-10 min during the morning. More information on schedules can be found in the webpage of Metro Tenerife.

To reach the Venue, you must take line 1 and stop in "Campus Guajara". 

Tramway map

You must buy the tramway ticket before getting on the tramway. Once in the tramway you must validate it in a small machine located at the entrance attached to a vertical bar. Tram tickets can be bought from the machine at every tram stop. There is also an option to buy cheaper tickets using the mobile app, ten+movil (it offers 20% discount on tram and bus tickets). The app ten+movil, once installed and registered, allows to add money to a virtual wallet by credit card or by buying credit at ticket machines. We recommend to buy the BonoVia pass (15 EUR) that allows for 17 travels. The ten+movil app can be downloaded here. In this webpage you will find very detailed instructions on how to use it and on how to fill the wallet and buy the pass.