Conference mobile app


We have created a mobile App for the metting that allow you to:

1. Check the program

2. Check the abstracts of the talks

3. Ask questions to the speakers.

           For parallel sessions: If there is no time after the talk (prioritary questions are those posed in person), the speaker has te option to reply the participant in the app. The reply will aappear in "private messages". 

           For plenary sessions: We will give priority to those questions asked online. If there is no time to answer all of them, the speaker can also reply them in the app. The reply will aappear in "private messages". 

4. Send private messages to any participant in the meeting, in person or online.

5. We have habilitated a comment wall for each session, either with talks or with posters. This is an interesying place to discuss on poster science since there are no short talks for them. 

There are other things you can do in the App.  To download it and to see all you can do within the app, take a look at the manual:

Mobile APP Manual