Conference venue

The meeting venue is the Aulario general of Campus de Guajara, University of La Laguna. The venue is located at a distance of about 2 km from the city centre of San Cristóbal de La Laguna (usually just called 'La Laguna'), about 2 km away. The venue is some 6 km away from the island's capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.The historical centre of La Laguna is considered a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Plenary sessions will be allocated in the Salón de Actos, while parallel sessions will run in adjacent rooms.

Free WiFi connection will be available at site.

The tram is most convenient for transport to and from the Guajara campus where the meeting takes place since it has a stop just at the Campus. It connects La Laguna and Santa Cruz and runs every 5 - 10 minutes in the mornings. Reaching the venue takes 10 minutes from La Laguna, and 20 from Santa Cruz (see more details in the webpage habilitated for extra information on the tramway).
Venue mapUniversidad de La Laguna
Campus de Guajara s/n
38071 - La Laguna