Scientific Program

This is the final version of the agenda. The presentations (in pdf format) are also linked. Note that some files were reduced in size in order to avoid the 20MB limit.

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

8:45 Opening of the meeting and welcome (LOC)

- Session I: CMB observations -

9:00 Latest results from Planck (P. Vielva) pdf
9:30 Cosmology with galaxy clusters (J.A. Rubiño) pdf
10:00 Review of current CMB polarisation experiments (R. Génova) pdf
10:30 Future CMB space missions: Core-PRISM (M. Bucher) pdf

11.00 Welcome cocktail. Sponsored by the Tourist Office of Fuerteventura.

- Session II: Cosmology with LSS probes -

11:30 Review of BAO results and current constraints on cosmology (J. Miralda) pdf
12:00 Theory of dark energy (R. Lazkoz) pdf
12:30 Simulations: N-body (P. Fosalba) pdf

12:50 Lunch break

15:00 Simulations: perturbation theory and mocks (F. Kitaura) pdf
15:20 Discussion session. Theoretical challenges in LSS (Moderated by R. Rebolo)
16:10 Poster presentations - Session I.

16:30 Excursion starts.

21:00 Conference Dinner

Friday, June 6th, 2014

- Session III: Overview of LSS experiments with Spanish participation -

9:00 Latest results from BOSS (A. Cuesta) pdf
9:20 ALHAMBRA (A. Fernández-Soto) pdf
9:40 eBOSS (J.-P. Kneib) pdf
10:00 DESI (F. Prada) pdf
10:20 DES (R. Miquel) pdf
10:40 PAU (E. Fernández) pdf

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 J-PAS (C. Hernández Monteagudo) pdf
11:50 WEAVE (C. Zurita) pdf
12:10 EUCLID (R. Scaramella) pdf
12:40 Poster presentations - Session II

13:00 Lunch break

- Session IV: Theory session and other complementary probes -

15:00 Neutrinos (S. Hannestad) pdf
15:30 Inflation (J.J. Blanco Pillado) pdf
16:00 SNIa (P. Ruiz-Lapuente) pdf

17:00 Summary, end discussion and Closing of the meeting.