Applications of

Radiative Transfer

to stellar and planetary atmospheres
Tenerife, Spain - 13-17 Nov. 2017

Poster abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author.

1- Is VFTS 352 experiencing Chemically Homogeneous Evolution?
Presenting author: Abdul-Masih, M.
2- A Transmission Spectrum For The Nearest Transiting Super-Earth
Presenting author: Alam, M.
3- Stability studies of Super Earths atmospheres - Atmosphere in a Test Tube
Presenting author: Alei, E.
4- Stellar and wind parameters of massive stars from spectral analysis
Presenting author: Araya ,I.
5- The Effects of Atmospheric 3D Thermal Structure and Cloud Models on 1D Retrieval
Presenting author: Blecic, J.
6- Probing the late stages of massive star evolution with early-time supernovae
Presenting author: Boian, I.
7- Sodium search in exoplanets using high resolution spectroscopy
Presenting author: Casasayas Barris, N.
8- Effects of intense flaring activity on accretion disk of Classical T Tauri Stars.
Presenting author: Colombo, S.
9- First 3D simulations of pure-helium atmosphere white dwarfs
Presenting author: Cukanovaite, E.
10- The Puzzling P-Cygni Profiles of Massive Magnetic Stars: a Deeper Understanding
Presenting author: Erba, C.
11- X-rays from Magnetic B-type Stars
Presenting author: Fletcher, C.
12- Wolf-Rayet stars in M81
Presenting author: Gómez-González, M.
13- The AMBRE Project: formation and evolution of the Milky Way disc
Presenting author: Grisoni, V.
14- The AMBRE Project: r-process element abundances in the Milky Way thin and thick discs
Presenting author: Guiglion, G.
15- 3D NLTE Radiative Transfer: Continuum and Line Scattering in OB star winds
Presenting author: Hennicker, L.
16- The rotation period of the O giant ΞΎ Persei: a magnetic star?
Presenting author: Henrich, H.
17- Modelling the spectra of early-type stars using the ADS approach
Presenting author: Irrgang, A.
18- Formal Solutions for the Polarized Radiative Transfer Equation
Presenting author: Janett, G.
19- Quantifying the chromospheric activity of M dwarfs from visible and near-infrared CARMENES SPECTRA
Presenting author: Labarga, F.
20- On the spectroscopic properties of hot post Extreme Horizontal Branch stars
Presenting author: Latour, M.
21- The Belgian Repository of fundamental Atomic data and Stellar Spectra (BRASS)
Presenting author: Laverick, M.
22- Metallicity determination of M dwarfs
Presenting author: Lindgren, S.
23- Properties of Planets around Young Stars
Presenting author: Lovos, F.
24- Atmospheric pollution in white dwarfs
Presenting author: Maldonado, R. F.
25- Deriving spectroscopic stellar parameters of cool stars from visible and near-infrared CARMENES spectra
Presenting author: Marfil, E.
26- Effective collision strengths improvements on Mg I atomic model for solar and stellar atmospheric models
Presenting author: Peralta, J. I.
27- Relation of Hot and Cold Gas around Early-type Debris Disc stars
Presenting author: Rebollido, I.
28- Exploring Cygnus OB2
Presenting author: Rodriguez Berlanas, S.
29- HERSCHEL-PACS: Constrains for clumping in the intermediate wind regions of OB stars
Presenting author: Rubio-Díez, M. M.
30- Gaseous disks in white dwarfs
Presenting author: Saker, L.
31- NLTE chemical abundances in atmospheres of normal BAF type stars
Presenting author: Sitnova, T.
32- Near infrared spectra and telluric absorption - How to deal with it?
Presenting author: Ulmer-Moll, S.
33- Orbital periods of the B-type binaries in the BBC survey
Presenting author: Villaseñor, J.
34- Testing the effect of mass-loss prescriptions on the evolution of hydrogen-free Wolf-Rayet stars
Presenting author: Viscasillas, C.